Health Care Interview Paper

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Health Care Interview Paper
vanessa connor
week 3 Professor Hasting

When asking a baby boomer or even a generation x about health care they have been provided throughout their lives ,they have a different picture .Even young people will note the big difference in the use of computers in the doctor’s office and other health facilities. The one thing that is agreed is healthcare has become about money ,rather than the caring of the patients . The problem is when this happens less people live and less respect for the physicians come to play.
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Improvements in access to care were unequally distributed.AHA acknowledged that the over 65 population will triple between 1980 and 2030, with the first baby boomers turning 65 in 2011. Although the health and lifestyle of people at age 65 is very different than it was in generations past it’s even been said that “60 is the new 50”the reality remains that chronic conditions continue to plague the population. In fact, AHA reported that more than 37 million boomers will be managing more than one chronic condition by 2030, with one out of four, or 14 million, living with diabetes; almost half will be living with arthritis and more than one-third, or over 21 million, will be classified as obese and living with all the health risks associated with obesity.(C. Orlovsky,he Baby Boomers’ Massive Impact on Health Care,2007).
Access to healthcare, generation x 1966-1976
Members concerned about Generation X and healthcare should write local and state officials to discuss legislature around improving access, decreasing cost, and expanding the array of health care professionals available for services. Without feedback and input from people active with Generation X and healthcare, officials won't push for better coverage and expanded health networks. If Generation X members don't advocate for themselves, they could face a shortage of providers and an array of health care plans that don't cover services the Generation X-ers need.
Healthcare reform is a watchword for every political party in every election, and Gen X members need to be especially mindful of healthcare reform as it relates to Generation X and healthcare concerns. Universal healthcare is one possibility that Generation X members face, and whether that would be an asset or a tragedy depends on who you ask.Generation X faces many challenges, but chief among them is dealing with ongoing health care concerns. From a decline in doctors due to Baby Boomers retiring, to changes in health care legislation and healthcare reforms, members of Generation X should pay close attention to health care plans and the state of the healthcare industry.( D.,Carey,Generation X and Healthcare).
As It seems to be different than the baby boomers ,still generation x fights the difference in healthcare from when they were children . I myself am a generation x and i fight to even get to see a doctor now. Although healthcare was not that great as a child ,its worst now.
I interviewed a second person and asked," how was there access to healthcare from childhood till now". Though , it seems that Jennifer had a much different outcome than I thought would be .
Jennifer stated when she was little that her parents had a great insurance plan and she was taking care of no matter what it took . This was due to her parents had a great deal of money and never did without until now . Jennifer stated ,having the best physician that money could buy to nothing ,she was disappointed that she could not give her and...

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