Health Care Issues In The United States

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Health Care Issues in the United States
HSA 500 Health Services Organization Management
January 22, 2012

1. Explain how health is affected by behaviors, economics, and social structure.
Health is affected by economic and social problems that are facing the United States today. Health insurance and medical care is still rising and impacting several Americans. However, the United States is becoming the worst health care systems in the world. The United States does not spend money effectively when it comes to healthcare. Health is affected by the social and economics in individual’s daily lives. The social and economic is built on commingled efforts for an individual and cultural and ...view middle of the document...

If this stage didn’t have a broad based development that supported medical technology if would be hard to provide products for modern medical technology. Product development and distribution involves science research that provided laboratory communication for private companies. Therefore, this stage required several approvals for different types of new technology such as, pharmaceutical devices.
3. Describe the major trends in population demographics over the past 80 years.
Trends in population demographics over the past 80 years are aging which is the most important trend that has occurred in the past few years. The population trends have increased in the past century such as, technology, patterns os use, health service utilization, and access to care. However, the trend for aging in the United States has huge concerns for the future for Medicare and social security systems. There have been several economic concerns regarding labor force for the aging population. Finally, the United States faces challenges for the health care systems that will help adapt change for the aging population over time.
4. Describe the most important trends in mortality over the past century.
The most important life expectancy that trends in mortality are health services, economic, and social trends that measure mortality health status. “Mortality data are collected at the time of death through the mechanics of the death certificate, a responsibility of local government” ( ). Life expectancy reflects data from years...

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