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Health Care Perspectives Essay

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Perspective on Health Care

The history of health care has changed dramatically in the United States over the last 100 years. The most significant of those changes have occurred within the last 40 years. My personal interest in the history of health care is the advancement of technology and the progression of procedures to deliver adequate health care to everyone. Changing strategies to improve health care and access to healthcare for everyone is an area that I am interested in pursuing. I have experienced two different levels of healthcare in my life that have given me the opportunity of experiencing positive and negative outcomes to both levels. I will attempt to explain ...view middle of the document...

I see that an age of information technology in the healthcare industry is about to boom. Data collection, file storage and on-time updated information is a positive need in the health care industry and will serve to be crucial in giving patients the most comprehensive and up to date care.
In my limited experience in the health care system, I have experienced two levels of care. I have been a member of Kaiser Permanente when I worked for a large telecommunications company. This was a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). The other is a Federally owned Organization, the Veterans Health Administration. Both organizations have given me positives and negatives in my health care services. In the HMO community, I could see that the primary focus was on continuing maintenance of health care. Annual and semi-annual appointments, to utilize physicals, eye exams and seasonal illnesses. This proved to be a positive for the majority of the public and the health care they required. The negative is that it did not provide a lot of Health care as a personal agenda or service. In order to get the information you are personally requiring, you may be attending multiple appointments until you get to the level or tier or experience you need from a professional. So, while appointment setting was a positive, the multiple appointments to get to the right level of specialty was a negative. The Veteran Health...

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