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Health Care Reform: Higher Costs And More Bureaucracy

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Have you ever wanted to fix something so badly that you thought, doing something was better than not doing anything, even if the something could make matters worse? Mayor Bloomberg said on NBC's “Meet the Press” that ”Nobody knows exactly what they should do, but anything is better than nothing”(1) (Welch) Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it...”(1) (Guppy) How can you pass a bill that will have a huge impact on our economy and not know what is in it? Will the health care reform bill cut costs as we are being told? Are the health insurance companies the only “bad guys” in this story? (Lyle) Has consumer abuse been addressed in the health care bill? ...view middle of the document...

Although, insurance companies are in business to serve their clients and to make money, the companies and their CEO's are considered evil because they turn a good profit. (Lytle) Yet, how often do we hear anyone mention the huge profits and salaries for pharmaceutical companies? Why is it OK for football players, basketball players, etc to make huge amounts of money, but not OK for CEO's of insurance companies to make huge amounts of money? At least they are providing thousands of job opportunities.
Consumer abuse runs rampant. Americans visit emergency rooms at an alarming rate for issues that could be taken care of at a doctor's office or an urgent care clinic. (Nicholson) Not long ago, I saw this when I rushed my neighbor a nearby emergency room. A small child had been brought in with a cut on his finger and was treated with a dab of Neosporin and a band-aid. I wonder how much misuse would be uncovered if we were able to check our hospitals ER records? When I was growing up, we let a cold and, or flu run it's course, today, we get sniffles and need to be seen by a doctor to get a shot to make us “feel” better. The rise of obesity and diabetes is phenomenal. It is expected that one out of five health care dollars spent will be used to treat obesity related illnesses by 2018. (Nicholson) Doctors have to practice defensive medicine, running test after test to rule out any disease or illness, for fear they might be sued by us the consumer.(Nicholson)
Has our government and our mainstream news media given us “the whole truth and nothing but the truth”? How much attention has their been paid to the rising costs of services, or what kind of profits are being made by all players in this health care reform saga? Have we adequately addressed consumer abuse? The focus of our government and the mainstream media has been almost 100% on the villainous health insurance companies and their “wildly excessive profits”. (Lytle)
However, it is a fact health insurance premiums do continue to rise annually, but those costs are in direct proportion to the rise in the costs of medical services. (Lytle) If the cost of goods and services rise in any business it will always be passed on to the consumer. The USPS has to increase cost of postage due to the rising costs of paper, ink, gasoline and employee wages. Yet, the government and mainstream news media touts health insurance companies as the “bad guy”. (Lytle)
Another benefit of health care reform is that new government regulation will keep premiums down by keeping an...

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