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Health Care Reform In The U.S

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Health Care Reform in the US
Health care reform is a general term that is used for analyzing and discussing major health care changes and provisions. Most health care reforms are typically served with the responsibility of broadening the population so that they can receive adequate health care coverage through private or public insurance companies. Also they improve quality of existing health care system and decrease the cost (Weiner & Robert, 2009). The health care reform legislation act of 2009 is a bill that was enacted in USA to direct the health care insurance providers to draft and develop regulations in implementing a comprehensive policy aimed at providing effective ...view middle of the document...

United States health care system is the most expensive in world, with health care and insurance coverage costing more per individual person than in any other state.
Majority of American citizens obtain their health care insurance coverage from a variety of providers, and include the cover provided through employment or acquired on their own, and public insurance programs that are provided by the government such as Medicaid and Medicare. Slightly over 150 million non-elderly Americans are insured via their employer-sponsored health programs and about 10 million obtain insurance directly from an insurer of their choice. The cost of premiums for individuals under private insurance have increased significantly in recent years, with double rate increase in price in the first four years since the year 2000 (Sockett, 2005). At the same time, the country has seen insurance coverage declining, only benefiting People with stable job coverage, and thus forgetting people suffering from high unemployment rate and weak economy. Issues on cost and Coverage then led to a very strong debate on how to control such disparities in health care, and laws to provide the uninsured with effective health care. This led to the enactment of the health care reform legislation act of 2009.
Analysis of the Recommendations
After increasing cases of high insurance prices, increased insurance abuses, and decreased coverage, a move to curb this problem was mandatory. This saw a bill proposed whereby all insurance and health care providers would have to execute a number of operations in the control of the vice (Parker, 2007). This new bill was aimed at bringing changes in health care system. Before enactment ,the major provisions of the bill included: provision of affordable health care to all citizens; making sure that insurance coverage is done in open and humane manner; undertake comprehensive health care system for all; provide confidential management and insurance coverage on any medical situations and by so doing prevent health care related issues (Weiner & Robert, 2009).
Other things provided in the bill include protection of members of public from the abuses and inhumane treatment from insurance companies and ensure confidentiality of their information. Other key provisions in the legislation include the element of reforms that would bar insurance companies from excluding members of public with pre -existing condition from obtaining insurance policies (Sockett, 2005). Members of the public would be required to obtain health insurance and individuals who fail to do so would face penalties up to 3% of individual income. Another key provision in the bill is that it calls for increases in payroll taxes for Medicare programs.
Pros and Cons of President Obama Health-Care Reforms
One of the major advantages of the enacted health care reform legislation act of 2009 is that it will increase health insurance coverage to nearly 96 % of the legal United States residents....

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