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Health Care System Essay

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Every country has a different health-care system, which sometimes is productive (good) or unproductive (bad). This fact depends on many different factors such as the money that government appropriates for the health system every year, and the educational and economic situation that has developed over thousands of years in each country. I want to compare the health care systems in two different countries, Ukraine and the United States of America, because I have some experience in both of them. I used to live in Ukraine until 2 years ago and now, I have lived in America for two years. So, I know some information about this issue and I want to share it with you.
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Despite the fact that Ukraine has a free health-care system, this is a serious problem for many parts of the country. Doctors’ wages are extremely low and often ask for a fee. This makes healthcare difficult, as many citizens are on a low income. In 2001, when I was studying at school, I got sick. I had felt very bad for two days and my mother decided to call our hospital and ask a doctor to come to us. After one hour he came and checked my body. His diagnosis was that I had appendicitis and I needed surgery as soon as possible. Before the doctor performed the surgery, my mother spent a lot of money for medicines which he would need for surgery as anesthesia, needles, gloves, pills etc., everything to do the surgery. Also, she paid the doctor for his service and she also paid a nurse, who sometimes in the night would check if I feel good after the operation. It wasn’t a hard surgery but my family spent hundreds of hryvens for it. That’s why people in my country are afraid to get sick, because they don’t have enough money to get good service from doctors. So, people decide to treat themselves, Somebody buys some medicine in a pharmacy with the hope that it will help them. Traditional medicine is popular in our country. Many people use it because they don’t have money and don’t trust the doctors. Everybody in my country knows that a free health-care system...

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