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Health Care System In The U.S. And Changes By Obama

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Health care system in the U.S. and changes by Obama

Semir Golic30.11.2010

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction 3

2. The History of health care in the USA 4

3. The Health Care System 5
4.1 How health insurance works
4.2 Different insurance programs
4.3 Problems
3.3.1 Financial & bureaucratic problems
3.3.2 Conflict with the American Dream

4. Changes of Obama 9
5.4 Reform of the system
5.5 Problems

5. Evaluation 11

6. Bibliography 13

1. Introduction

As in we know the United States strive in most categories to be the number one of the ...view middle of the document...

But not only have these official studies showed the poor state of the health care supply. Also the population is unhappy with the situation. This drove Mikel Moore lately to make his movie “Sicko” reporting about people who lost their living because they got sick and couldn’t afford a doctor. But why does the USA perform so badly in international contrast. There are different measures in which we can compare health care systems such as coverage, access, fairness, quality, death rates or patient satisfaction. In most of these measures the USA perform worse than other nations. As we can see this topic has a high significance for all people in the United States.

In this paper "Health care system in the U.S. and changes by Obama" I will explain the American Health care system, its problems and what especially Obama does to improve this situation in order to make live for all the people in the United States of America better.

2. The History of health care in the USA

In order to understand the situation of modern health care today we must first understand where it came from and how it developed. When was the first try to set up a health care system in the USA? How did it work and how did it develop over the years?
Basically health insurance began in the 19 hundreds with the rising costs of medical treatment. So far just very few companies offered included medical treatment within their companies. Physicians did not charge as much money because they couldn’t provide much useful care for sick people. As the medical knowledge was in progress prices began to rise as well, and so they soon rose over the top of what a normal citizen could afford. Also doctors started to treat people in hospitals which made the costs even higher. To help ease the healthcare problem, Baylor Hospital in Dallas created a system in the 1930s - which eventually became Blue Cross - as the first nationwide organization which offered privately coverage for hospital care. The success of Blue Cross encouraged other insures to enter the health care marked. During World War 2 the lack of good workers prompted companies to attract good employees by offering health insurance as an added benefit to the employment package. As medical knowledge and health care got more advanced and sophisticated in the following years, more and more private insurance groups pushed on the marked. In the 1960s over 700 insurance companies were selling health care. During this time the government recognized that they needed to set up a solution for the recently retired, the elderly and poor because private insurances were far too expensive for them. So in 1965 Medicare and Medicaid were set up which consisted out of Part A which covered hospital services and part B which covered doctors’ services. By 2001, Medicare and Medicaid made up 32 % of all healthcare expenditures in the United States.

3. The health care system

As we have already seen in the last chapter there are different...

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