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Health Care Terms Week One Hca 215

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University of Phoenix Material

Week 1 Health Care Terms Worksheet

Understanding health care terms is a prerequisite for both academic and professional success. This assignment is intended to ensure you understand some of the basic terms used in this course.

Complete the worksheet according to the following guidelines:

In the space provided, write each term’s definition. You must define the term in your own words.
In the space provided after each term’s definition, use the term in a sentence as it applies to the health care industry. You may wish to consider the following:

o How has it influenced heath care?
o What role has the term played as health care ...view middle of the document...

| |
|Clinical |Clinical is when you observe patients in a clinic, |After I finish doing my work in the classroom, I had to go to my |
| |hospital setting for treatment |clinical at the local hospital |
|Public Health |Public health is health service for free or low |When I was a single parent with little income, I took my children|
| |income with little to no health insurance. Public |to the public health service to get their immunizations |
| |health usually provides service like immunizations | |
| |for children and preventive care | |
|Accreditation |Accreditation is a certification that various |As I look for a faculties, I do my research to make sure the |
| |facilities and practices to insure it’s |doctors have their accreditation to practice. d |
| |qualifications/ requirements | |
|Ambulatory Care |Ambulatory care is given at a when any |My doctor called me in for a general checkup in which he would |
| |non-emergency or outpatient medical care if your |consider ambulatory care. |
| |able to walk its considered ambulatory care. | ...

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