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Health Policy Context Report

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Health System report:


This report has been conducted to analyse the relevant concepts and policies of the health care system in France. Through the exploration of health outcomes of the French population, this report will aim to discuss how policy from national to local level, significantly impacts on its health care service delivery. In order to understand the complexities of a health care system overall, this report will include a background rationale using Key evidence to assess the French health care system, as well as an explanation of how the information regarding this particular healthcare system has been obtained. In addition this report will discuss one ...view middle of the document...

Though France has been recognised as having a top ranked health system worldwide, offering universal health care for all as well as seeing life expectancy in men equalling the European average of 78.7 years and above the European average for women at 85.4 years WHO (2012) when using the analysed criteria (population health status, public insurance coverage, cost, equity, responsiveness, etc.) individually, France did not rank first in the world when comparing with other countries. Le pen (2009) there has always been another country ahead of France in each criteria, yet these countries were never the same nor were they atop of France with large margins. Overall The health care system of France has been ranked the most efficient in producing one the best health outcomes for the its population, being the most responsive to the needs of service users, being the most cost effective system in the world as well as offering patient choice, as result of a good balance across the WHO health system criteria rather than having global superiority. Le Pen (2009). Therefore, this report will work to analyse the context in which, the Health system of France has been reported to be the best in the world.

The evidence provided to conduct this report was taken from peer reviewed online sources. These sources will include information from search engines such as google scholar and academic search complete which will provide the use of academic journals, articles and research reports. Online websites such as the Global/ World Health organisation (GHO/ WHO) will be used to provide up to date data on the French health care systems. For the intended use of this report, ve specific words were used to conduct the search. Words included but not limited the search :

Health care system
Health systems
Life expectancy
Best health care systems
Global health
Health care financing

In order to gain a comprehensive insight in to the health care system of France, only literature from the years 1999 – 2014 has been used to establish an appropriate time line for the information within this report.

Health Care System: France

The French health care system is a combination of public and private providers and insurers. Public insurance known as Social Health Insurance(NHI/SHI),is financed by both employees and employer contributions and allocated taxes known as general social contribution(CSG), is compulsory, covering approximately 90 per cent of the population, while private insurance is of a complementary type and voluntary. Providers of outpatient care are largely private. Hospital beds are predominantly (approximately 3 quarters) public or private non-profit-making.The delivery of care is shared among private, “fee-for-service” physician, private profit making hospitals, private non-profit making hospitals and public hospitals.In addition to the health care sector and the social sector, there is a health and social care sector, known as the...

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