Health Promotion Among Diverse Populations Essay

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Health Promotion Among Diverse Population
Grand Canyon University NRS-429V-0103
Rubynell Whaley
Instructor: April Herrera
January 25, 2015

Race has always been an issue for African Americans. The racial inequality among African Americans in America is not the same as that of different workers or exiles. As far as the broadened time of the establishment of subjection and the issue of skin shade as a representation for dehumanization of dark individuals. For four centuries (1619-2002) African Americans have battled through bitter times of subjugation, isolation, and separation (Bennett, 1993). Topics of race, prejudice, and racial separation are established in the consequence of ...view middle of the document...

Due to socioeconomic status many African American students are denied valuable educational resources, and high-accomplishing African American students receive less thorough educational modules. And may also go to schools with fewer necessities, and have instructors who expect less of them scholastically than they expect of comparatively arranged Caucasian students (Azzam, 2008).

The current health status of African Americans recognizes a higher predominance of cardiovascular problems, cancers, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and sexually transmitted diseases when contrasted and Caucasians. The obstacles that keep African Americans from looking for health awareness and wellbeing are financial status, gender (male), and prejudice. Also not knowing or comprehending the requirement for a doctor, family and friend’s influences and religious beliefs (J Am Acad Nurse Pract. 2008; 20(11):555-62).

In addition, slavery and the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment have made the African American population weary of seeking restorative treatment. Finding a successful approach to addressing these obstacles is essential for a particular end goal to lessening depression and death rates from endless ailments in the African American population.

Absence of education, unhealthy behavior practices, and hindrances to pursuing health improvement have enormous impacts on these high death rates among African Americans. Health fairs are an approach to giving health promotion information to an assortment group of people. Health fairs permit you to work inside a particular group to distinguish exceptional requirements for wellbeing advancement and, in addition, give fundamental training and preventive data, such as pamphlets, booklets, and handouts. Screenings and presentations are extraordinary approaches to convey essential health promotion information to an extensive population, and they can awaken the group’s awareness to settle on better health decisions.

An individual requires the guidance and backing to make more intelligent choices, and health fairs can give vital information that can eventually spare lives. It is additionally essential to remind those going to the health fairs that the advice and screenings provided don't supplant the urge to look for more medical treatment from a doctor. These necessary selections on blood pressure, diabetes or...

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