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I have a great promotion program that might be helpful. I called it Project Ego. This program will, probably, last about 10 weeks and it will be aimed for 4th to 6th grade special needs students. This program will be able to help raise their self-esteem. This program is, also, for the schools that are eligible for the Title 1 funding and other services, that comes with it. That is good, because schools, with the Title 1 funding and other services, have been noticed as having more of a large percentage of students, which are living below the poverty level, which is not good, however, this isn’t stopping the students with their talents in school, because there are high levels of students with ...view middle of the document...

There will be meetings that will be held after school at the community center where the students, usually, wait for their parents to come and pick them up, after they get off work. The students will be provided with snacks and drinks and they won’t be bored, because there will be a game room for them to enjoy themselves. After the meetings, the students will have access to the basketball courts, if they wanted to or whatever.
At their first meeting, the students will pair up with a mentor that is matched with their backgrounds and there will be ESL students that will be matched with mentors with the same backgrounds. For example, a student with ADHD will be matched with a mentor with ADHD and a student with dyslexia will be matched with a mentor with similar reading problems.
Every week, students will be with their mentors and they will focus on succeeding with their coping skills and the appropriate responses to failure, by participating in learning activities. Succeeding in coping skills will prevent reactive responses and will encourage self-esteem and their self-efficiency skills(California State University, Fullerton, 2004).
Now, the first 2 weeks of Project Ego will be aimed at learning at certain disabilities that are represented in the group, which get the students to move beyond the stigmas associated with impairments and aim at the strengths to overcome the challenges. Every time a student reaches those high levels of the green light, they see their own duties for maintaining their successes and failures, instead of giving in to failure, all together. This empowerment is very important for raising their self-esteem and self-efficiency, which is good.
At the second meeting, students will examine their motivations for success of achievement with their mentors. They will, also, talk about ways to overpower those obstacles. As weeks go by, students will be improving on their self-talk, their coping skills, and their diminishing self-defeating behaviors. This will, also, help the students to believe more that they can reach their academic and their personal goals, in order to improve their overall self-esteem. Throughout this program, mentors will look at their student’s behavior that raises their positive self-image. For example, using positive self-talk when missing a basketball goal.
Good bonding with older students would be the incentive that students need to stay active in this program. Mentors will reward the students at each meeting, for their successes, such as taking them to lunch or playing a game of basketball, after the meeting....

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