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Health Sector Reform Essay

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Health sector reform is a ‘significant and intentional effort to improve the performance of the health care system’ (Roberts, Hsiao, Berman & Reich, 2004). The authors use the term depending on what they propose defines a health care system, which includes immediate performance results (efficiency, quality, and accessibility) and performance goals (health status of population, citizens’ satisfaction, protection against financial risk). Health sector reform in Jamaica started in the 1970s. There are many elements of health sector reform, however, this paper focuses on decentralization and cost recovery as two (2) elements of health sector reform in Jamaica along with one (1) advantage and ...view middle of the document...

Though decentralization seems like the way to go, like many other solutions there are side-effects. The subject of training cannot be over emphasized and it sometimes require more time than the regional health system can afford. This often causes managers to be burdened with the task of importing resource persons for training and development because they cannot afford to compromise the strength of an already under staffed system.
In summary, decentralization (a) Creates major challenges for health service provision. (b) Demands active involvement of health managers in the decentralization design. (c) Helps to ensure clear national resource allocation standards and health service norms. (d) Requires an ongoing system for monitoring which is essential for guarding equity and quality and for improving efficiency. (e) Allow nurses to become more skilled in their tasks.
According to Lowe, Payne, Beckstrom, Duke (2001) cost recovery refers primarily to the collection of fees from persons utilizing healthcare delivery services. At present, cost recovery is reduced primarily to the secondary and tertiary health systems. The government aids in the financing of the health sector. It includes allocation of budgeted expenditure less the amount projected through the cost recovery program. The funds collected through the cost...

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