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Health South Essay

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Rob Thomas works as a Managing Director at the Braid group, Chicago based management consulting firm with branch offices in New York & Los Angeles office. He is personally committed to the issue of workforce diversification and firmly believes that bringing workforce diversity at The Braid Group could be a possible way of attracting non-traditional clients He saw this as opportunity to make a difference, especially in diversifying area both at associate levels & partner level.
He was a proven great leader. He has been sensitive to the lack of diversity at the Braid group. As managing director Rob believes he should work towards ...view middle of the document...

Thomas was committed to achieve this goal, somehow he is pulled back by his insecurity to maintain and protect his image of a peacemaker in the organization.
At assistant level about 25% of Baird’s consultants were women and 5% people of color, compared with 35% and 9% respectively, at the top-tier firms. Women estimated for 6% of Baird partners and people of color less than 1%, while elite firms averaged 10% women and 4% people of color at partner level. More and more of country’s top MBA graduates were women and minorities. Baird had increasingly diversified client base.
Linda Kraus, a Caucasian women in mid 30s was a competent, energetic and well liked associate working for 8 year at the firm, pause by a two-year period when she was a full-time parent. She always received rave reviews from her colleagues and peer. She has played a crucial role in female associates recruitment and was ideal model & mentor to young women at Baird. Firm’s corporate clients were always enthusiastic about her performance.

Main issues
Rob is worried of the fact that senior partners at his firm are more or less split across the middle when it comes to this sort of change in which will definitely usher in a paradigm shift in the firms hiring policy. Baird had an admittedly poor track record when it came to hiring and promoting women and minorities, and his predecessor had done nothing to change that. Several female and African-American consultants had expressed dissatisfaction with their treatment at the firm.
Rob Thomas is over protective about his image in public and does not appear to be willing to compromise the same, even to attain his personal goal of bringing diversity to the Braid Group workforce. He don’t want to be openly critical of his predecessors of the firm particularly. His strategy was less effective, progress was slowly happening. Though many women consultants appreciated Rob for his efforts but still there were few who criticized him for slow pace of change. Women Consultants raised questions regarding not giving them significant assignments offering opportunities for growth. Unable to convince the people and the persistent criticism led Rob into a reactive mode.
In the month of election of new partners Rob was in dilemma between retaining a female consultant and prove his commitment to diversity, and the pressure to meet expectations of upholding traditional criteria for promotion.
Kraus, however, lacked initiative in ways that are difficult to overlook when a partnership is at...

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