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Health care is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in humans. Health care is delivered by practitioners in medicine, chiropractic, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, allied health, and other care providers. The exact configuration of health care systems varies from country to country, but in all cases requires a robust financing mechanism; a well-trained and adequately-paid workforce; reliable information on which to base decisions and policies; and well maintained facilities and logistics to deliver quality medicines and technologies.
Healthcare is considered by many to be a precious commodity that is to be doled out in accordance with one’s relative societal standing. In other words, these individuals view health care as a privilege. The argument can be presented, however, that health care is in fact a right. It is something to which we are all entitled ...view middle of the document...

The very poor are, in some countries at least, typically viewed as those most discriminated against in terms of healthcare.
In more socially progressive countries like the US various provisions have been made to insure that the poorest individuals do benefit from adequate healthcare. In our country, however, there are other individuals that are discriminated against even more in terms of healthcare. They are those that work and produce an income but for some reason or another cannot afford health care. They may make too much money to qualify for government-supplemented health care programs but too little to independently buy their own insurance. Unless they work for a company that puts insurance premiums within the reach of their employees, they simply do without healthcare or are forced to run up exorbitant bills that in many cases will force them into bankruptcy.
If health care was a right, that would mean that doctors are obligated to treat anyone who walks into their office. In essence, they would be our slaves. No one is entitled to the labor of another human being. Rights such as the right to life, religion, and speech are fundamentally different than health care in that they are personal rights that do not rely on the labor of another person. Health care, just like food, water, clothing, and shelter, are things that are earned and paid.
In America we have the right to decide if we want to buy healthcare or not. I feel that it is a right being that healthcare is something that you have to pay for to have unlesss you are unemployed and not able to work and qualify for Medicaid. Now if you are able to work and just don't and have a bunch of kids on Medicaid it is a privilege that is being taken advantage of.
Many people believe that people who don’t have insurance or money still get healthcare coverage from the government, Medicare or Medicaid. What they don’t understand is that there are restrictions on who can receive these benefits as well as what the benefit covers. People who have Medicaid or Medicare are limited to what tests and procedures they will receive. This is because the government pays only a very small set fee per procedure, test, and medicines.

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