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Healthcare Analysis

918 words - 4 pages

Healthcare Analysis

Dennis P. White

University of Phoenix

HCS 539

August 24, 2015

Dr. Rachael Kehoe

The healthcare system here in the United States is complicated and expensive. In order to stay competitive, insurers and organizations alike have changed the way they do business. The implementation of the Affordable Care Act has created new laws and have in some cases caused organizations to partner with each other in order to profit at all. They have instituted new and different processes and strategies to be able to participate in the insurance exchange program and other features of the healthcare law that is supposed to make it easier and cheaper to purchase healthcare ...view middle of the document...

The next step is determining the place the product or service will be available for purchase. The place should be convenient to the buying public but not to where it is saturating it. Lastly is the product promotion. How will the organization promote this new product or service? It could use radio, television, billboards, newspapers, social media etc. The main point though is to get your name and product in front of your target audience.
Berkowitz (2006) states there are eight major marketing segments to assist in marketing the product and help the relationship between the organizational marketing department and their partners: Identifiable, accessibility, members are inclined to buy, ability to buy, profitable, desirability, consistency, and availability. In order to meet the first two, the organization must establish partnerships to stay abreast of technological advancements, competition changes, reach goals, and to adapt to external pressures that might place stress on firm resources (Yarbrough & Powers, 2006, p. 46).
There are two types of partnerships to include “strategic alliances that are defined as partnership arrangements that do not involve ownership and mergers and acquisitions that are ownership-based arrangements” (Yarbrough & Powers, 2006, p. 52). By partnering with other organizations they can reach more patients and provide all-inclusive treatments to their patients.
It is not uncommon today to have numerous hospitals merging to form hospital groups. This new system can now utilize the resources collectively and become specialized in one location but remain independent and not saturate the market because they control all of the hospitals involved. “Health care organizations hope to increase access to capital, gain access to management expertise and other knowledge, and benefit from expanded human resource programs...

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