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Health care has always been a growing industry from discovering new illnesses and new vaccines. I will create a Health Care Hall of Fame Museum. In this museum I will have five exhibits that have changed health care, which include: the discovery of germs, vaccines, surgery, childbirth, and Medicare. I will give a brief description of each exhibit and their role in health care.
Louis Pasteur, born in Dole, a small town in eastern France had an interest in scientific subjects. In 1847, he received his doctoral degree. Pasteur believed that if germs were the cause of fermentation they could also be the cause of contagious diseases. He began to develop the Germ Theory of Disease, and ...view middle of the document...

After making two cuts in James arm, Jenner worked in a small amount of cowpox puss. The boy had the normal reaction of slight fever, days later he was in good health. This is how Jenner’s vaccination was born.
In our time, surgery and medicine go hand in hand. However, through the Renaissance and until the 18th century in Western Europe, surgery was considered more of a trade than an actual profession, and surgeons had more to do with barbers that with physicians. The academic and social status of barber-surgeons were considerably less than that of a physician. This separation between surgery and medicine may have originated in religious attitudes. At first procedures were done under the supervision of priest but, eventually was spread outside monasteries. In 1308, Baber-Surgeons Company was developed, and in 1369 it led a better educated fellowship of surgeons. In 1493 licensing for surgeons was given to surgeons. By 1540 there were many more barber-surgeons, than physicians, and barber-surgeons ventured beyond their trade into the practice of medicine.
Child Birth
Child birth had huge change in health care. Starting back in the Renaissance, Barber-Surgeons began trying to provide childbirth services. Women at that time were not allowed to practice medicine or midwifery. Men were only allowed in school. Before physicians entered the field of childbirth, laboring women were primarily attended by midwives. Midwives were women who were experienced in dealing with childbirth, they would come to the laboring woman’s house and help her though the...

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