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Healthcare Strategy Essay

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Organizational Strategies for Quality Assessment and Improvement

Quality related strategy of organizational culture to improve patient’s perceived experiences

According to a 2011 Beckers Hospital Review article (2011), Disney Land is an organization that hospitals can learn from. In July of 2011 the Disney Institute launched a new program titled “Building a Culture of Healthcare Excellence” which is now being offered as a professional development plan for hospitals. The program being offered focuses on five philosophies that help make Disney a successful organization. These philosophies include people management, leadership excellence, brand loyalty, quality service and creativity ...view middle of the document...

In regards to brand loyalty, the Disney program places emphasis of being able to deliver patient experiences that exceeds expectations at every touch point. When staff and leaders take the effort to make connections with their patients to their loyalty of their “brand” (organization), the patients may have a greater intent to return or at least make recommendations to others based on their personal experiences.

In regards to innovation and creativity, the program suggests that inspiration may come from unexpected places and collaboration is the key to find it. Organizations should provide an environment that fosters communication between departments in which thoughts, opportunities and new ideas can be shared and discussed. Members of the organization are the most important resource for this area.

This program also emphasises the value of on boarding during the hiring process. Sometimes hiring the best clinical fit for the need does not translate into the right fit for the culture. On boarding not only helps engage new employees from the start, it may also help reinforce the idea that the new hire made the right choice and will be a valuable member of the organization that is inspired by the vision and mission of the facility.

In addition, the Disney plan believes that improving the patient experience should be a continuous process. If the organizations culture is not clearly communicated, is not well defined or out of sync with provider’s goals, it will be more challenging to improve patient experience. When patients feel genuinely cared for, their perception of their experiences will increase, and their confidence in the organization and the interactions they have with staff influence patient experiences as well. (Gamble,2011).

Propose additional strategies or recommendations that you would suggest for an organization.

Additional strategies/recommendations for organizations includes providing healthcare team training in conjunction with building a culture of excellence. With team training, the main goal is to develop specific high reliability practice competencies within teams and individuals. These competencies can be achieved through training in team self-correction, team, adaptation and coordination and stress inoculation. Self-correction involves training team members to create a shared vision for performance improvement and team adaptation and coordination focuses on team members applying healthcare safety oriented, team communication skills and allows for sharing information and asking for input.

In addition team training allows for building a base of trust so that asking and sharing information and knowledge can occur with room to assert different viewpoints, teach within an appropriate setting, discuss...

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