Healthful Eating Essay

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Healthful Eating

Maintaining a healthy diet is important, but it can be a difficult task to uphold. According to the American Obesity Association (2005) approximately 127 million adults in the U.S. are overweight, 60 million obese, and 9 million severely obese. By maintaining a healthy diet people can fight obesity, and other health risks.
People find that eating healthy is difficult to do because it does take time for it to become a habit. Also the foods that a person shouldn’t be eating are generally the foods that taste good. One way for a person to maintain a healthful diet is to find healthier alternatives for the less nutritional valued foods the person enjoys, or eat the less ...view middle of the document...

Some moderate intensity activities include: light jogging, bike riding, and swimming. There are many ways to exercise and it doesn’t always have to be at a gym. Exercising outdoors would be a good option for people who do not like going to the gym.
Not only does eating healthy have important health benefits, it has financial benefits as well. A person who does not eat out at restaurants or fast food on a regular basis can really save money by eating healthy meals at home. Yes, buying a few burgers off the dollar menu at a fast food restaurant may fill a person up and cost less than buying fresh produce at a grocery store. However; when that person goes to the doctors and the doctor tells the person they have high cholesterol from eating too much fast food and they have to buy medications and pay for all the doctor bills paying a few extra bucks for fresh produce is worth it. A person who eats healthy has a greater chance of not becoming sick because they have a better immune system from eating nutritious foods, that means less doctor and pharmacy bills. A person who lives a healthy lifestyle would also have a lower health care cost than someone who is obese with diabetes or heart difficulties, which are all problems that can be caused by a poor diet. Some health benefits from eating healthy are: living longer, having more energy, stabilizing a person’s mood, fight depression, and reducing risks of illnesses like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.
Different methods for incorporating healthy foods into a person’s diet make this a fairly easy task to do. Finding cooking web sites with quick healthy recipes for meals are a good way to start incorporating healthy food into a person’s diet. Snacking is another way of incorporating healthy food into one’s diet. For example, instead of grabbing a candy bar out of the vending machine, bring some carrot sticks or apple slices to work or school.
Fast food is something that is unavoidable for some people. Working late hours, not enough time to go home and eat a...

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