Healthy Eating In Everyday Life Essay

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Healthy Eating in Our Everyday Lifestyle

Over weight is a word that we all dread. We here this word on the news, newspapers, magazines, and out of just about everyone’s mouth. Everyone knows that we must use healthy eating habits in our everyday lifestyle in order to stay healthy. The majority of Americans have more than we can handle let alone worry about county calories, and that is why the majority of Americans are overweight.
Believe it or not, but a person’s life style has a lot to do with their diet, and whether or not they are overweight or not. If you haven’t noticed, people who are single and live alone tend to be in shape, as oppose a person who is married with children. ...view middle of the document...

So we must be more aware of the things we eat and make sure we schedule in time for healthy eating.

Obesity is another word that we dread hearing, especially in our children. This is a major and serious issue that has affected about fifteen percent of children (aged 12-16) and children (aged 6- 11 years) in the United States alone according to the American Obesity Association. The numbers are expected to increase as the years go by. We as parents need to take every precaution we can take to help keep this silent killer away from our kids. There are different ways we can help. Make a game out of it. You can get your children put a meal together with just calorie counts, and the one with the least calories wins. You can also incorporate exercise in a video game. The WII video game is very entertaining, and requires a lot of movement. Another example is make a game out of weigh ins. The person who has lost the most pounds in one week gets to put together the next healthiest meal. There are also programs that public schools have to help this problem. There are parent meetings to help parents and children manage their weight. I know that at my son’s school they have a program that helps them keep track of their monthly activities. For example, the P.E. teachers will have different courses for them to follow. They also give them activities for them to do at home and the parents need to sign a form that proves to the P.E. teachers that they are doing their activities at home as well. At the end of program when all the actives...

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