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Healthy Solution: Taxing Sugary Drinks Essay

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Anh NguyenProf. GalassiEng. 099 Asst # 517 July, 2014Healthy solution: Taxing sugary drinksWhat are sugary drinks? Sugary drinks include non-diet sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks and sweetened fruit drinks. They contain little to no nutritional value and are one of the leading causes of obesity. With the recent increase of overweight and obese Americans, a debate has surfaced over whether the government should tax sugary drinks. Taxing sugary drinks is the right step because it could change people's choices behavior, it reduces the number of people who purchase these drinks, it could pay for health education and medical expenses, and it helps prevent obesity.Taxing sugary drinks could ...view middle of the document...

The governments hope that increasing taxes on sugary drinks will have the same effect. Taxing sugary drinks will help people consider more about their habits and promote better choices for the health.Taxing sugary drinks reduces the number of people who purchase these drinks. Sin taxes are something that the governments have been doing for hundreds of years. The governments tax products like alcohol and cigarettes to increase the price and decrease demand. In "A Tax That Invests in Our Health" by Richard F. Daines, he writes: "In food there's no profit in persuading Americans to drink less of something that is cheap, heavily marketed, and taste really good."(633)Some people tend to choose foods or drinks that are less expensive with a decent taste. They don't really care if the foods or drinks are unhealthy and contain ingredients that have a high pathogenicity. The hope is that the increased cost will stop people from buying the products or cause them to buy less of the product. The governments also hope that it will stop kids from buying these products because they are too expensive. If prices are raised on sugary drinks, it would cause kids to buy less of them. This would be especially true of kids because they have less money to waste. Kids have to rely on their allowances to make purchases.Taxing sugary drinks could pay for health education and medical expenses. Allowing a sugary drinks tax would generate more revenue for the government to cover health care, medical research. In "A Tax That Invests in Our Health" by Richard F. Daines, he writes: "Recent polls of New Yorkers and of New York City voters showed that they will support a penny-per-ounce tax on non-diet soft drinks if the money is used to close budget deficits or support health care."(633)The tax can be used to promote health purposes such as it supports health care expenses of income taxpayers, it subsidizes farmers for growing vegetables and fruits to make natural drinks instead of processed drinks. Tax on sodas is a good idea to support for Obama's health program which is the idea about free health medical care for everyone. Also the money would be put into a general fund and could address the city's health problems; for example, the tax can help with the health care costs of obese or diabetic children.Governments should put tax on sugary drinks because it helps prevent obesity. In "A Tax That Invests in Our Health" by Richard F. Daines, he brings out the statistic of obesity rate in the Unites State. He writes: "A majority of adults are overweigh; according to the CDC, 34 percent are obese (while only 15 percent of American adults were obese in 1980). Among children from two to nineteen, nearly 32 percent are now overweight, and 17 percent are obese."(632)Over the past few years, overweight and obesity have been the most troublesome problem in America which could lead to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some types of cancer. There are many things that can cause obesity but...

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