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Heath And Social Care Diploma Level 3

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Health & Social care level 3
Assignment 1

Question 1 Why do you think effective communication is important in the work setting?

Communication is important in the work setting for an effective work environment with both co workers and service users.

It is important clients are made to feel relaxed around you so they can communicate and tell you about any problems or requests they may have, if they are able too.
It is important to build a good rapport and working relationship with a service user, this will help them to feel reassured that you are there to help them and have their best interests at heart, to help them feel included in their care, to feel safe at all times and feel ...view middle of the document...

Treat people with respect, be friendly and happy to work with, always be positive and polite, Communicate well with each other to ensure essential information is passed on to all concerned and passed on correctly,
Respect each other and value each others opinions and beliefs.
Do not treat someone with disrespect even if you do not share the same views.
Always be polite and approachable.
Create an environment of trust and respect by effectively communication and taking the time to listen to what they have to say.
There are many different ways to communicate with people so its important to find out which is the best type to meet the service users needs, As well as Verbal and non verbal communication you can always use Body language, Signs/symbols and technology aids.
Facial expressions are one of the most obvious ways of communicating our emotions, having a smile rather a frown when talking will make you much more approachable.

Question 3 What are the consequences of not getting the communication needs right?

Communication impacts on all aspects of life so if you were unable to communicate with a service user this could impact negatively on their daily life.
It would create risks to their health, safety & security.
They would not be able to ask for help, they wouldn't be able to receive the care that they want or need as we wouldn't know which kind of care they require, they wouldn't be able to tell us when they were hungry which would lead to them becoming hungry, they couldn't tell us if they were unhappy or in pain which could result in them becoming depressed, withdrawn, ill or even be fatal.
We wouldn't be able to communicate with them what we were doing, which type of care we were giving them, who we were, this would result in them feeling frustrated, scared, anxious and not know what is happening to them.
They wouldn't be able to tell us if they were in danger or being abused which would make them more vulnerable, and more likely to be abused.
They would not be able to effectively communicate their opinions, belief or views, we wouldn't be able to tell them their rights or which options they have.
It would impact all their rights, their dignity and equality.

Question 4 Explain five factors to consider when promoting effective communication

Body language, make sure you have positive body language which will help you to come across as open and inviting, Be welcoming,warm,relaxed and approachable. It helps conversations of openness and does not put any barriers in the way of communicating.
Smile when you are talking, this warms your voice and reduces tension.
Gestures help to show your personality and expand your words.
Come across like you are really willing to listen, to do this with your body language you could Lean forward if you are standing up or sit forward when sitting down, Rest your chin on the palm of your hands to appear relaxed and engaged, Look directly at the other person, don't appear...

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