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Heating Pipes Essay

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Solar Heating of Water
Solar Heating of Water
Environmental Science 102 lab
Lloyd J. Cookus III
Our objective in this project is to continue and build on the work of previous students; as well as, extend the work of previous researchers in order to create a system that produces hot water. As a group we came up with a proposal that we trust will lead to the success of solar water heating. Our proposal affirms that painted copper pipe lines can generate and hold the thermal radiation exerted on the pipe. By doing so, the consumer will notice the cost effectiveness, durability and thermal production to be relevant to their needs. Hypothesis: To ...view middle of the document...

How will we test it?
We will have three different size pipes in two different materials. There will be ¼”, ½”, and ¾” in copper pipe, and ¼”, ½”, and ¾” in plastic pipe. Our tests should show if there is a difference in temperature of the water between the two materials.
Testing Schedule:
On each and every day that data is to be recorded, our group will us a chart similar to the one below to record the date, time, condition before, and after water goes through the pipe(s). Our pipe performance will be recorded to each day to produce reproducibility.
Testing Table
Our group design is basically adding paint to the copper pipe to insulate the heat in the pipe in order to isolate any water evaporation. For the term project, you are first to describe your design process. Again, this can come from the written proposal. You want to discuss what aspects of the system you considered most important to its success, and how you incorporated them into the design. You want to discuss your final design, describing it in enough qualitative and quantitative detail that another researcher could recreate what you did. Be sure to include both theoretical considerations, such as the design criteria you found during your research, as well as the practical ones, such as materials and containers you could actually get. Illustrations and graphics showing your design can be valuable ways to present some of this information. I try to get pictures during the semester, and I will make available the photographs of the systems which I took. Look for them on my web site. I encourage you to take photographs of your systems throughout the semester.
Next, you need to discuss what you did, that is, the various steps that you took to improve your project through during the semester. You want to relate what you did, and why, with how it helped meet the objective of the project. This is a summary of the project; the details will be contained in the laboratory notes you kept and which you should attach to your report. Be sure your text is detailed enough to stand alone, as the lab notes will not be easily available to future researchers following in your footsteps (a typed summary table of your lab notes is often a valuable part of the final report, either in the text or as an appendix). Be sure your story tells what you did and what you observed (with allyour senses).
Also, you need to present the quantitative data you gathered in the project. They should be given in both table and graph forms. All of the data should be part of the report. Often, much of the data is presented in attachments to the report. Only those tables or graphs which are most important in telling the story of the project’s success or failure are brought into the text of the results section. For example, you all took temperature data while you were designing the...

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