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Heaven On Earth By Laiba Sehar

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Heaven on Earth
by Laiba Sehar
Since the partition of subcontinent in 1947 into two independent states, Pakistan and India the political situation in the region has been unstable. The real bone of conflict between two countries is Kashmir. The people of Kashmir have expressed their desire to accede to Pakistan but India creates hurdles in the fulfillments of their desire.
The state of Jammu and Kashmir came into existence in 1848. Gulab Singh, Dogra Raj pot bought it for Rs 7,500,000, from Lord Lawrence. The state has an area of 84,471 square miles. It has 902 miles long border with Pakistan and with India 317 miles only. Three main rivers of Pakistan, namely, the Indus, the Jhelum and the Chenab are their sources in Kashmir. The two roads link Kashmir with the rest of the world also lie through ...view middle of the document...

The maharaja tries to suppress this movement. He succeeded in crushing the rebellions for the time being, but he could not succeed in sowing the seed of love in the hearts of the Kashmiris for the Hindus.
According to the partition plan of June 3, 1947, it was decided that on the withdrawal of British power the Indian states would be free to join either India or Pakistan or remain independent. Lord Mountbatten advised the princes of those states to accede to India or to Pakistan bearing in mind three main points:
1) The geographical position of the state.
2) The composition of the population.
3) The wishes of the people.

Had this advice been acted upon , Kashmir would have become a part of Pakistan. But the maharaja Hari sing ignored the wishes of the people and entered into a conspiracy with Hindu leadership in Delhi and acceded to India. Maharaja’s conspiracies against the Muslims majorities unleashed the feelings of anger and revolution but India support to maintain her domination over other states has blinded her to all norms of justice and co-existence it kept his control on Kashmir through selfish dishonest and faithless leaders like sheikh Abdullah and his stooges.
The Kashmir dispute cannot be solved unless the Indian government change its attitude and comes to the conference table with an open mind the people of Kashmir should be given the right to decide their future by themselves and if they decide to established their own independent state acceding neither to India nor to Pakistan, both Pakistan and India should accepted their decision open heartedly.
India and Pakistan two nations united by history but divided by destiny have travelled a long way in an attempted to bring peace to highly hot-blooded valley. Peace is still afar sighted dream which every Kashmir’s look after in their minds.

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