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Beer is world’s number one consumed alcoholic beverage suitable for different consumption areas such as home, restaurants, night clubs, bars, beaches etc. Beer’s worldwide popularity makes brewing industry one of the largest global industries in the world. More than 140 billion liters are sold per year generating revenues of more than $490 billion by 2013. Beer consumption differs for various countries. Czech Republic is leading the consumption with the average of 132 liters per capita. Germany, Austria, Ireland and Canada are the countries following the Czech Republic with the consumption over 100 liters per capita. ...view middle of the document...

Heineken also has been running a project under the name of Heineken Africa Foundation since 2007 to support the improvement of health for people living in African countries.
Heineken’s success comes from the clear definition of its goals and company profile. Heineken defines the company profile under the headline “Four key factors make us unique” which aims differentiation of the brand from other brands.
1. Heineken was the first and remains the only truly global beer brand, enjoyed in 178 countries around the world
2. We have a unique, worldwide footprint with operations in over 70 countries, which means we have a broader reach for our brands than any other brewer
3. We have an internationally diverse, dynamic, committed and entrepreneurial team of over 85,000 employees
4. The passion of the Heineken family remains as strong today as it was in 1864 when we first started brewing beer. (Heinekencompany.com)
Creating the perception of uniqueness obviously brings the reputation of Heineken with it. Being a historical company which has been operating over 100 years creates a sense of trust on consumers. Also the global focus on the definition of the company refers to all beer lovers around the world which creates an international perception and sympathy towards the brand.
The Champions League is the most watched annual sporting event. The total audience is estimated at 4.2 billion, with more than 1 billion people watching around four matches per season and half of that audience outside Europe (Reuters.com). Heineken has been a sponsor of UEFA Champions League since 2005. Road to the Final campaign is a continuous organization that has been going on for 7 years. Every year a new commercial video with a different plot is made connecting the Heineken beer with UEFA Champions League Final. For 2013, Heineken released a video which features a journey of a man crossing the globe to reach the UEFA Champions League Final 2013 taking place in London. At the beginning of the commercial, 2 tickets for final game are shown to him during a live music performance while he is playing drums with his band. He suddenly leaves the place, grabs 2 Heinekens and jumps into the water. On the way he meets new people, hitchhikes, flies from Rio to Lisbon, and then flies to London by a helicopter. Despite of the obstacles he encounters during his journey, he manages to reach the Wembley Stadium in London. The main idea of the commercial is to have a viral campaign and creating a perception of Heineken’s connection to football.

Heineken is known for its accurate commercial decisions. By analyzing the potential customer, Heineken creates a worldwide awareness through its campaigns. The company defines its target group as young males between the ages of 22-35 who likes sports such as rugby and football. Being aware of its target customer, Heineken directly focuses...

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