Heinrich Himmler Speech

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Heinrich Himmler
Today I will be talking to you about a significant figure in German history. This man was directly responsible for the final solution and was the second most powerful man during World War II. His name was Heinrich Himmler.
Heinrich Himmler was born on the 7th of October in 1900 and was raised by a conservative, Catholic family in the town of Munich. Himmler desired to be a farmer and studied the degree of agriculture at the Technical University in Munich. There he joined a German- Nationalist student fraternity, where became obsessed with nationalism and political activists. As well as wanting to become a farmer, Himmler also aspired to be an ...view middle of the document...

As the SS increased in power this threatened the SA leading to the Nazi action of “The Night of Long Knives” which further helped Hitler’s rise to power as it eliminated a percentage of his opponents.
In April 1934 he was appointed head of the Gestapo known as the Secret State Police. When being appointed these roles on June 17 1936, Himmler’s goal was to “unify the control of Police duties in the Reich”. By centralising the SS and the Gestapo together created a unified force to accomplish the long-term goals of Germany. Himmler’s use of the Gestapo it helped silence the opposing parties. These groups combined would assist in executing the Holocaust in 1941 – 1942. Thus establishing a powerful group that dominated and carried out the intentions of a pure race.
Himmler’s most significant historical mark was the establishment of the concentration camps between 1933 and 1942. 11 million people were executed demonstrating the historical impact of Himmler’s actions. Himmler states, “Most of you will know what it means when…corpses lie side by side… This page of glory in our history has never been written ….We had the moral right, we were obligated to our people to kill this people which wanted to kill us.
Because of Himmler’s powerful status he created a disciplinary system to investigate criminal acts. By July 1941, with Hitler’s support, the SS was responsible in the planning and implementation of the Final Solution. . As Himmler’s inhuman actions unravelled during the end of the war, Himmler referred to himself as Heinrich Hitzinger in order to get away from his punishment. However on the 20 of May, 1945, he was captured by the Russian soldiers and given to the British and on May 23 1945 Himmler killed himself by biting down on a cyanide capsule.
Despite his horrific actions Heinrich Himmler should be considered historically significant as he played a fundamental role in the 20th century. By using his SS power Himmler was the drive in the execution of the Holocaust, discriminating against specific cultural groups. Himmler created the foundation for the concentration camps, promoting the growth throughout Germany and Poland. He attempted to establish a superior race by creating the large scale of exterminations.

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