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The No Child Left Behind program that was signed by President George W. Bush in January of 2002 has brought way to many new advances in tutoring services. In the NCLB program states must work together to close the achievement gap and make sure all students, including those who are disadvantages, achieve academic proficiency. Annual state and school district report cards inform parents and communities about state and school progress. Schools that do not make progress must provide supplemental services, such as free tutoring or after-school assistance. In order to provide these services, school systems may purchase supplemental curriculum materials or schedule tutoring, and now they can even ...view middle of the document...

One advantage of Apangea is that the programmed tutoring is available at any time, although live tutors have certain hours when they are available.Another supplemental educational service (SES) provider is Catapult Online. Catapult offers instruction and assistance from a human tutor, which can work with no more than three students at one time and each student works on their own, so basically the tutoring is much like a one-on-one session. This provider offers tutoring in both mathematics and reading and is available for seven to eight hours a day. Students must schedule their one-hour tutoring sessions in advance. One disadvantage to the Catapult Online program is the cost which runs $1300-$1600 per students however there is reasoning behind the expense. When a school system purchases this tutoring program, each participating student receives a dial-up Internet connection and a program-ready computer to take home. Throughout the tutoring program these computers are only used for tutoring, however when a student completes the program the computer is unlocked and the student gets to keep the computer. This is a strong incentive for students to work hard and complete the program.The Catapult Online program is much like the Sylvan Learning System is run because it allows one tutor to be helping several students at one time. To begin with Catapult a student must first take an online assessment test, the California Achievement Test, which reveals their instructional needs. During the tutoring session period parents and administrators can get Web-based reports on the student's progress. Each lesson begins with a short session of direct instruction, followed with some practice problems. At the end of each lesson, the student takes a short mastery test to make sure they grasp the lesson, however if the...

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