Henan Oil Press Corporation Specializing In The Production Of Oil Filter Machine

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Henan oil press corporation production filter oil machine with domestic newest technology, adopt unique deep evenly heating the filtered liquid oil not aging, use German three-dimensional flash technology will be heated liquid oil atomizing spray film processing, increase the oil molecular membrane area, and make the dehydration effect 1 ~ 2 times faster than other filter oil machine, can add infrared automatic vacuum defoaming device to effectively control the rising oil spray, palm oil processing planteliminate oil spray into the vacuum pump system, adopting the advanced low noise high efficiency oil pump, to control the noise of 65 db (a) - less than 70 db (a), fine filtration part use ...view middle of the document...

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Henan oil press corporation not only production of edible oil filter oil machine, and the level of production equipment widely used, filter oil machine is suitable for mining, metallurgy, petroleum, railway, machinery, chemical, textile, cement, power plant, instrumentation and other departments.Purification of pollution degradation of all kinds of industrial lubricating oil regeneration plays a big role, extend the maintenance cycle and service life of equipment, reduce the production cost.Effectively removing the pollutants in oil products such as: water, water-soluble acid, alkali, mechanical impurities, etc., to improve the movement of oil viscosity, flash point and emulsification.Make oil rapid return to the required performance, close to or reach the corresponding new oil standards of the state.In times of recycling use of various indicators.
Primary filter oil machine working principle of the equipment is simple, everyone can independent operation, the level of filter oil machine equipment inside a rotor with double spray nozzle, only the pressure produced by the oil to provide the driving force.Device is turned on, through the pump in the oil tank to the rotor, after waiting for the oil filled with rotor is along the lower...

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