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Henry R. Baker Essay

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Personalized Fitness Company policies recently changed since Mega Fitness had acquired it. The Headquarters in Seattle decide to remodel Personalized fitness in Arizona, such as increasing membership price and phased out Group Fitness class Nick Batum.
HRB is concerned about these policies changes. He feels that his clubs are being set up to fail because the Headquarters in Seattle doesn’t know about the market in Arizona. In his 5-½ years experience, he knows their members won’t buy these changes. The price increase is too high and most of their instructors are teaching Nick Batum class in other fitness companies, all of which will make a negative impact to their member retention numbers ...view middle of the document...

Trying to talk to the top executive about what he feels and explain the reasons why the polices won’t work in Arizona, get a patient, top executive might listen to HRB and reconsider about the changes they made. But learning from Sarah and Josh example, don’t try to contact with top executive without informing the Area Manager, as it’s really not respectful and will cause the Area Manager to get into big trouble. Moreover, if the top manager doesn’t really like his idea, HRB might get fired by Area manager.

HRB’s another option is leave the job and go work for Junior. The advantages of that include a pay hike, manager experience and freedom to run the organization he wants which is a very important personality trait for him. He visited one of Junior’s fitness clubs and saw employees are not motivated and figured that the biggest problem in Junior Company is lack of leadership skill and being well managed, which could give him a chance to showcase himself and make a big change in Junior’s Company.

Link to online simulations class, the Director of Product of Spectrum Sunglass Company want to make an innovation of their sunglass product, which needs to convince a lot of people and get their support to make the change. So what he did first is get some private interviews with higher hierarchy level, using awareness of the people and then use their ability to use their power to influence more people. Then walk the talk to other unaware people until everyone knows the issue. With CEO and consultant support, and providing internal and external skill; finally let most of the people in the company become an adopter.

Just like a member in Personalized fitness, employee in Junior Company won’t like changes. Especially from a manager, just new in the office, who lacks support and absence of power. So what HRB should do if he wants to make some changes in Junior’s Company is similar to the Director of Product, start off with small amount of people, by private interviews, building and providing internal/ external training and letting higher-level manager get involved and use their experience and contact to influence others to adopt the change. And also HRB could learn form the error that Director of Product made. Don’t try to convince everyone at the first beginning. People tend to reject changes, but they like to listen to friends or opinion of powerful people, so the most important thing for HRB if he decides to make some change in Junior’s Company is by recognizing the relationship between everyone.

However he is not sure of the personality and work ethic of Junior, which could end up being not only undoing the reasons he joined Junior's company but also in...

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