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Project Profile

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Herbal Hair Oil

I. Introduction

Herbal hair oil mainly comprises of oils of vegetable in origin as base and a suitable blended perfume. Vegetable oils commonly used are coconut, caster and seasome oils. To avoid rancidity of hair oils antioxidants are added in very little quantities.

Perfumes used for preparation of hair oils should not fugitive and to prevent this they are usually fixed by sandal wood oils or other fixatives.

The hair oils may be coloured by the use of oil saluble colours. Care should be taken that the dyes used should not be injurious to health. Now a days people have special attraction for use of herbal hair oil. The ingredients used in herbal hair oil are Amala dry fruits, Mehandi leaves, Brahmi Plant, Lemon oil. Harar dry fruits, Bahera dry fruits, kapurkachari rhizome , Almond oil etc. The ingredient are used from 0.01 to 1%. The ingredients used are either single or in combinations of two or three or more of the above, as per the consumers requirement. Viz- Amla Hair oil or Brahmi- Amla Hair Oil or Almonds hair oil etc. The base of oils remains same.


Cosmetic Industry is registering a growth of 15%. Indian Herbal cosmetic products are always in demand although there is a tough competition in this line but there exists a gap between demand and supply for the quality products. Now –a-days people are very crazy for the herbal products in attractive packs have good demands.


Quantity : 59.70 MT
Value : Rs. 59,70,000



1. The production capacity is calculated on single shift basis at 70% efficiency and 300 working days in a year.

2.. The rate of interest in this project profile has been calculated 16% per annum on total capital investment. However, this figure is likely to vary depending on the financial outlay of the project as well as location of the unit.

3. The break even point has been calculated on the full capacity utilization.

4. The cost of machinery and equipment as indicated refer to a particular make and prices are approximate those prevailing at the time of preparation of project profile. Similarly the rent of land and building indicated in the profile relates to a particular place and should be updated depending upon place of implementation.

5. The cost of installation and electrification is taken at the rate of 10% of the cost of machinery and equipments.

6. Pay back period 5 years from second year of operation.


The process of herbal hair oil manufacturing involves following steps:


In this step all the ingredients like base oil, herbal extract/oils, perfumes and colours are mixed in the desired proportions in mixing tank using slow speed stirrer for 15-20...

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