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Herbs And Their Uses Essay

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*G/P/E: Gender/Planet/Element

G/P/E: Feminine, Moon, Water.
Magical attributes: Beauty, protection, success, peace.
Uses: Aloe has always been known for its healing qualities. For treating wounds and maintaining healthy skin. It may be applied right from the plant or in gel form for burns, sunburns, and can relieve poison ivy rash and helps to combat a variety of bacteria that commonly cause infections in skin wounds. It is also an excellent additive for soaps and creams as a conditioner.
After using gel from a leaf the opened leaf will seal itself so you can store it in a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator for future uses.

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A good general cleansing bath is made with a handful of anise seeds and a few bay leaves. A pillow of anise keeps away nightmares. Also a good sedative.

G/P/E: Feminine, Venus, Water.
Magical attributes: Love spells, good luck.

G/P/E: Masculine, Sun, Water.
Magical attributes: A tree with protective qualities, it is used to make brooms for purification and wands for healing. The leaves placed beneath a pillow induce psychic dreams. The leaves bring luck and good fortune when carried in a pocket of bag worn around the neck.

G/P/E: Feminine, Saturn.
Magical attributes: The buds are carried to ease a broken heart and can be added to love and protection charms and spells.

G/P/E: Masculine, Mars, Fire
Magical attributes: Protection, love, wealth (if carried in your wallet), healing relationships, ensuring faithfulness in a mate, courage, fertility, exorcism.
Uses: It is good as a tea for calming the nerves, settling the stomach, and easing cramps and good for the bladder. In tincture form, also makes a good hair rinse for brunettes. An ingredient of the Purification bath sachet. Add to love sachets and incenses.

G/P/E: Masculine, Sun, Fire
Magical attributes: wisdom, protection, psychic powers, banishes negative energy.
Uses: DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY-use as a poultice on chest for bronchitis and chest colds.

G/P/E: Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Magical attributes: Psychic visions and dreams, repels negativity and evil.

G/P/E: Masculine, Sun, Air.
Magical attributes: Used widely in purification incenses. Tincture of benzoin preserves oils and preparations.

G/P/E: Masculine, Jupiter, Fire.
Magical attributes: Add to incenses of protection and purification. Sleep on a pillow stuffed with betony to prevent nightmares.

G/P/E: Masculine, Mercury, Air
Magical attributes: Protection, Passion
Uses: Add to love sachets and charms to attract a lover in the more physical aspect. Also a mild stimulant for digestion.

G/P/E: Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Magical attributes: Worn by witches for protection during the "Burning Times", adds energy and power when used during a ritual as an incense.

G/P/E: Feminine, Venus, Water.
Magical attributes: Cat magic, familiars, joy, friendship, love.
Uses: Its flowers and leaves have often been used to treat colds and insomnia. It lowers fevers, dries up post nasal drip, gets rid of bad headaches and relieves sore aching bones due to colds and flus, when taken in tea form, 2-3 times daily. As an incense it may be used to consecrate magical tools.

G/P/E: Masculine, Sun or Venus, Water.
Magical attributes: Good as a meditation incense, for centering, peace, sprinkle in your home for protection, healing, money.
Uses: Is an excellent herb both internally and externally for calming. Great for digestion, fevers, burns, rs, anti-inflammatory for...

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