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Hercules: A Greek Tale Essay

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Hercules, or known in Latin as Heracles, was the greatest of the Greek heroes, a paragon of masculinity. In art Hercules was portrayed as a powerful, muscular man wearing lion's skin and armed with a huge club. He was also described as being a macho man buffoon, who was very impulsive. Hercules’ home and birthing place is in Thebes, Greece. Thebes is a city in central Greece. It plays as an important setting in many Greek myths, such as the stories of Cadmus, Oedipus, Dionysus and many other important roles in Greek Mythology. The demigod, Hercules has an interesting origin, he is most famous for his 12 labors, and leaves a legacy in words and expressions.
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She brings Hercules to Hera to be breastfeed. Either Hercules bit, or sucked too hard depending on what source you use, but the painful bite/suck caused Hera to pull the baby from her bosom causing her milk to spray far into space, thus creating the Milky Way. After Athena returned, Hercules’ his jealous stepmother, Hera, tried to murder the infant by putting a serpent in his cradle” (Leiff). Hera sent two snakes in the baby’s cradle to kill him. However, Hercules thought the snakes were just two amusing toys, and squeezed them until they were dead. Everyone surrounding Hercules was amazed at how strong he was as an infant. It twas at this point, that Hercules actually earns the name we know him so famously by. (Alcmene and Amphitryon first named him Alcaeus.) Since part of the reason he has gained his superhuman strength is because of Hera's steroid filled breast milk, everybody around begins calling him Hercules ,which in greek means “glory by the aid of Hera.”

Hercules is most known for having to complete twelve labors. He was ordered to complete these labors by King Eurystheus because of unspeakable acts that Hercules committed. Hera made Hercules grow delusion and insane. He grew so insane that he slew all of his kids (well actual most of them) He incinerated two of the children of his brother Iphicles, and his own wife, Megara as well. Hercules searched to be purified for the many crimes he had committed. After meeting with many prophets of the land he finally came upon Eurystheus who gave him twelve labors to complete as purification for the heinous carnage he had committed. One of the last 6 labors completed was to capture the Cretan Bull. Minos promised Poseidon that he would sacrifice whatever the god sent to him. Poseidon sent a great bull, but Minos thought it was too beautiful to kill. So he killed another bull, and Poseidon grew angry so he made it rampage through the city of Crete. Minos's wife fell in love with bull which in turn caused her to give birth to a minotaur. Hercules wrestled the bull to the ground. He carried the bull back to Eurystheus. Eurystheus could not tame the bull so he set it free\. It wandered around Greece, terrorizing the people, and ended up in Marathon, a city near Athens.The Athenian hero Theseus tied up some loose ends of this story. He killed the Cretan Bull at Marathon. Later, he sailed to Crete, found his way to the center of the Labyrinth, and killed the Minotaur. The 8th labor Hercules had to complete was stealing the Mares of Diomedes. Diomedes Mares are 4 men eating horses with terrible tempers. The Mares were untamable Diomedes kept the horses chained to a golden post to keep them from escaping and eating people. Diomedes is an evil giant king. Hercules snuck up behind the horses and before he could release them Diomedes soldiers attacked Hercules. From hearing all the commotion Diomedes...

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