Hereditary And Hormones Essay

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Heredity and Hormones:
Influence on Human Behavior
Justin Benassi
AXIA College of the University of Phoenix
BEH 225

Influence: Heredity and Hormones on Human Behavior
Debates on nature versus nurture are more likely to determine that genetics are the cause for human behavior. Increasingly, researchers are directing attention on the cohesion of genes and behavior; therefore, their tendency to follow a line of investigation on the influence of heredity on human behavior increases the belief that genetics is a major issue that influences physical behaviors. However, the lone fact of connection between genetics and behavior seems to be too simplistic to describe the complex process of ...view middle of the document...

Genes do exhibit effects to behavior. Behavior is not ascribed to an isolated or “singular” gene or a conglomeration of individual genes. Behaviors are complex and are attributed to various genes amid many other factors. Genetics are only partially responsible for our behaviors. As a complex attribute, both genetic and environmental aspects affect behavior. Although the existence of specific hereditary factors may boost or diminish the effects of others, when the genetic and environmental factors act together they show the most effect on human behavior. Morris, P. (2000) shows his opinion on how we have to understand the influence of both heredity and environment on human behavior…”some traits are purely genetic, and these traits have a high heritability; other traits are strongly influenced by the individual's environment, and their heritability is low; many traits are produced by a complex mixture of genetics and environment”.
  Two diverse fields illustrate the influence of heredity on human behavior. Behavior genetics centers on demonstrating hereditary behavior from an individual point of view, while evolutionary psychology is a study of “the evolutionary roots of behaviors and mental processes that all human beings share” (Morris and Maisto, 2002, p. 79). Behavior genetics channels us to understand the relationship of genetics and environment. To observe this more clearly twin studies are conducted to confirm environmental differences between separated twins. “Kamin and Goldberger (2002) questioned the validity of heritability estimates based on this method because of concerns over the representativeness of samples. Are the results of studies of twins generalizable to the general...

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