Heredity And Hormones Essay

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Heredity and Hormones on Human Behavior
Human behavior originates from deep within the brain. The brain processes thoughts which then results in certain actions. Thought processes can be contributed to both heredity and the hormones in our body. To better understand this concept, it is necessary to break down the individual functions in order to comprehend how they all relate to one another.
Let’s begin with heredity. The human brain can be compared to a computer that has been built with all of the hardware inside but not yet programmed. Once the computer is built, it cannot run until it has been programmed, which means there is no way of knowing how it will work until that ...view middle of the document...

This means hormones are dictated by heredity, but they are controlled by a portion of the brain.
The brain controls the glands in our body that secrete hormones. Hormone secretion maintains bodily functions and physical responses. Changes in our bodies are often determined by hormonal changes. Hormones can have an impact on alterations in our moods, changes in our bodies as we reach puberty, emotions a woman experiences during the menstruation cycle, as well as the pressures of stress, anxiety, or depression.
When we think about emotions and how they affect human behavior, we see that when we’re sad, we cry; when we’re angry we yell or scream and sometimes become violent or physical; and when we’re happy we laugh or smile. Some of these actions can be controlled and others cannot. It’s the same as the software application that, even though it has its’ own functionality, there is much that can be manipulated by the person in control.
As we look more in-depth at hormones and behavior, we know that estrogen and testosterone are two hormones that are secreted by the glands in our body. Testosterone is secreted by the male testes and estrogen is secreted by the female ovaries.
Typically women have higher levels of estrogen while men tend to have higher levels of testosterone. To take it one step further,...

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