Heredity Is Defined As The Transmission Of Genetic

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Heredity is defined as the transmission of genetic characters from parents to offspring

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Heredity Is Defined As The Transmission Of Genetic Characters From Parents To Offspring
Anatomy refers to the science dealing with the description and identification of the structure of organs, tissues and organisms. It studies the body parts structures and how they relate with each other; it enables us to understand the relationship between the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. On the other hand, Physiology is the science which studies the functions of tissues, cell, organisms and organs. Physiology combines both physics ...view middle of the document...

The vaginal has a wall consisting of inner glandular mucous, a stratified squamous cell which is supported by a lamina propia which is very thick. This epithelium must go through a hormone-related cyclical change which involves a slight keratinization in the menstrual cycle periods. There are smooth muscular is muscles which lie deep within the epithelium. To enhance the free expansion of the vagina during the sexual stimulation, there is a deeper surrounding layer of fiber just above the muscularis to provide the necessary structural support.
According to the Szollosi et al, (1972), the process by which primordial male germ cells known as spermatogonia go through meiosis so as to produce spermatozoa cells, is called Spermatogenesis. The first cells in this process are called the primary spermatocytes. These primary spermatocytes are divided into two secondary spermatocyte; and each then divided into spermatids. These then fully develop into sperm cells, otherwise known as spermatozoa. The four spermatozoa are as a result from the division of the primary spermatocyte which gave rise to the two secondary spermatocytes.
Oogenesis is the process of the formation of an egg cell or otherwise called ovum. It is astate of gametogenesis in females; spermatogenesis is the opposite and found in the males. The process involves the various developmental stages of an immature egg. In human beings and all mammals, the initial stage of oogenesis kicks off from the germinal epithelium. This gives rise to the ovarian follicles development, which is the functional unit of the ovary (Szollosi, et al, 1972); Absence of centrioles in the first and second meiotic spindles of mouse oocytes). As per Lobo (2003), "Early ovarian ageing, oogenesis kicks off with the development of oogonia process, this happens through the process of transforming of the primordial follicles into primary oocytes; this process is known as oocytogenesis. This process is complete before or just after birth.
Under the influence an elevated FSH in the formation of secondary follicles, approximately 12-20 begin developing at the beginning of the menstruation period. Primordial follicles enhance the formation of primary follicles, these primordial follicles start developing and between ten to thirty weeks after conception, they are would have fully formed. The rest of the follicles undergo cellular atresia, leaving only one secondary follicle which is health at approximately the ninth day of the cycle.
The follicle which is remaining, popularly referred to as the dominant one, in the late phase of follicular process, produces very huge amounts of estradiol. The union between granulosa cells and theca determines the production of Estradiol. On the 14th day of the menstruation, there is a surge of LH takes place; this is provoked by a positive estradiol feedback. Consequently, the development of the secondary one takes place in the tertiary follicle ovulation then takes place after one to one...

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