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The Influence of Heritage on Current Culture
Evaluation of how family subscribes to these traditions and practices is offered in detail, while offering insight and/or reflection.It is essential for nurses to provide culturally sensitive care to each and every patient in order to establish repor and maintain a safe working relationship with each individual. To provide culturally sensitive care to a nurses patient’s he or she must first assess their own beliefs, values, and culture at large. The nurse can do this by using the Heritage Assessment Tool. This tool shows the nurse how important their heritage is to them and if they have adopted their ways of life from their family’s history and ...view middle of the document...

This assessment is very helpful in evaluating the needs of the whole person in the way that it address the individual person and what their own preferences are and how they live their lives while also finding out what their heritage is. This can help the nurse personalize the interventions in the patient’s careplans and help the nurse treat the whole person. The nurse is given the specifics on the person’s individual culture, religion, values, and beliefs which can be used to tailor the nursing care towards all aspects of the person’s health including their physical, mental, and spiritual needs.
Health Traditions of Different Cultures: Interview of Families
In order to compare and contrast cultural differences between families, three interviews were conducted on three different families; including an African American family, a Hispanic family, and a European origin American family. Each family was asked a series of questions about their health traditions addressing their physical, mental, and spiritual views of health maintenance, health protection, and health restoration. These questions provided a comparison of the differences in the cultures.
Health Maintenance
When interviewed each family had their own individual perception of what they did for their own health maintenance. To address the physical aspect of health maintenance each culture was asked several questions. One of the questions asked was if there were any particular foods that must be eaten at certain times both the African American family and the European origin American family did not but the Hispanic American family stated that “they did have special foods for instance they would eat tamales at Christmas”. Each culture was asked about their mental aspects of health maintenance. Each had activities and hobbies that they participated the African American family was more involved in sports and athletics then in reading a scholarly activities as well as the Hispanic American family; where as the European origin American family spent more time on reading and writing for their activities. The families were also asked questions about their spiritual health maintenance including the question asking if they observe and religious customs and if they pray or meditate. The African American family did not attend any church programs but would meditate regularly. On the other hand, the Hispanic American family practiced religion very closely and both prayer and meditation were a part of their spiritual health maintenance. Furthermore, the European American family stated that they “believed in God, went to church sometimes and prayed regularly but did not meditate”.
Health Protection
Health protection pertaining to the individual families cultures was also addressed in the interviews. The families were asked if there were any types of clothing that they were permitted to wear based on their culture to address their physical health protection and the African American family did...

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