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Integrity and/ or authenticity and conditions necessary for properties submitted for nomination as World heritage to be deemed of outstanding universal value.

The conditions of Authenticity and integrity are set out in the operational guidelines for implementations of the World Heritage Convention (Revised 2006).

The condition of Authenticity is also set out in the NARA document on Authenticity 1994.

The operational guidelines for implementation of the World Heritage Convention require that statements of integrity and/or authenticity be included in the nomination with a demonstration ...view middle of the document...

This may differ from culture to culture, and even within the same culture.

Properties may be understood to meet the conditions of authenticity if their cultural values are truthfully and clearly expressed through a variety of tribute which include: form and design, materials and substance, use and function, traditions, techniques and management systems, location and setting, language, spirit and feeling.

In the nomination process, a state party needs to identify all applicable significant attributes of authenticity. The statement of authenticity then assesses the degree to which authenticity is present in each significant attributes.

It can be stated that there is no restricted criteria or definition of authenticity and no standardized procedures for identifying authenticity.

It is however possible to identify aspects that define the authenticity of a property for nomination to the World Heritage list, based on its outstanding universal value.


Meaning: -

Integrity may be defines as the quality of having a sense of honesty and truthfulness. It signifies consistency of actions, values, principles and outcome.

Under the operational guidelines, integrity is stated as a measure of the wholeness and intactness of the natural and/or cultural heritage and its attributes.


The operational guidelines of the World Heritage Convention require that all properties nominated for inscription on the World heritage list must satisfy the conditions of integrity.

The guidelines require that in examining the conditions of integrity, assessment be made of the extent to which the property:

Includes all elements necessary to express its outstanding Universal value.

Is of adequate size to ensure complete representation of the properties significance.

Suffers from adverse effects of development and/or neglect.

The physical fabric of the property and/or its...

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