Heroes In Folktales, Fairytales And Myths

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Heroes in Folktales, Fairytales and Myths.This essay will try to classify the personality traits of a hero. Heroes sacrifice themselves for the sake of people, their communities or their loved ones. Heroes appear in folktales, fairytales and myths. They usually help someone in need or when a villain is trying to harm the innocent, they defeat the villain. Heroes also defend what is theirs, meaning their honor or their love. Woman can also be heroins. Women save and protect their lover, their children and their people when in need.In the story "Hansel & Gretel", Gretel is a heroin because she tricks the witch ...view middle of the document...

Heroes appear throughout muths, as well as other stories of medevil times. There can be more than one heroe in a story. An example of that would be in the story, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". The dwarfs saved Snow White numerous times from the evil stepmother who was trying to kill her. When the witch finally did kill with an apple filled with poison, a king's son came along and took the coffin in which Snow White was in. When his servants were carrying it, they stumbled and the poisoned piece of apple flew out of her mouth;which action counteraceted the effect and brought her back to life.Heroes can also be in the form of animals. Iin the story "Goldbird", the Fox plays a major role throughout the entire story. If it wasn't for the Fox helping the king's son, taking him from place to place and instructing him on what to do. The king's son would have not received everything that he did. So one can see the Fox as a heroe in the story.In conclusion, heroes can be male or female. Characters that portray a great and honest personality. They care and protect others. Heroes sacrifice and go to extremes to save the needed and their loved ones. They also protect and fight for their beliefs. Heroes are againgst enequality and do not fear any danger. Heroes can also be portrayed or represented by animals. Either human or animal like, heroes save the day and give interesting, adventerous and happy endings to stories like folktales, fairytales and myths.

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