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Hershey Company Strategic Management Essay

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HR Planning and Staffing: How are they connected? We hear the statement: “HR Planning is the foundation of staffing under the new PSEA”. But what does this mean and how do we make it happen? Background HR planning is a generic term that can have many different meanings. For the purposes of this discussion, we mean the following: HR planning is a process that identifies current and future human resources needs for an organization to achieve its goals. It means forecasting an organization’s future demand and supply for employees, based on its business needs; and subsequently developing and employing the strategies required to meet these needs. It involves a gap analysis between current HR ...view middle of the document...

HR management is more than just having the “right people in the right place at the right time”. Its about instituting the people-related practices and activities that will help the organization achieve, and improve, its business results. HR planning identifies the needs and strategies in this regard. HR planning, then, has two dimensions: planning for the required numbers of qualified and competent employees and planning for the people management practices that will enable the organization to meet its business goals, i.e. more profits, more sales, better results etc. For the purposes of this discussion, we will focus on the first dimension but

2 should not lose sight of the second. It is a question of getting the basics right before moving on to more added-value approaches. HRP can be very sophisticated with extensive demographic study and research, trend analysis, statistical modelling etc. and any HRP program should have some degree of this. But it can also be relatively simple – at least to start – and less “scientific”, with the organization addressing a few high level questions: what is our overall business direction? What skills do we need to ensure we can successfully deliver our mandate? What current skills exist in the organization? What is the gap between these two and what will we do to fill it? HR Planning, in its simplest form, is about answering 3 questions: what are my business needs, what do I need to meet those needs and what strategies will I take to ensure my needs are met? There has been uneven and inconsistent attention to it in the Public Service, at the organization-wide level and within departments and agencies. Moreover, HRP has not been valued. This has resulted in lack of capacity and skilled practitioners, no sustained leadership to the HRP community, and, of course, a continuing reliance on ad hoc and reactive approaches to HR management generally. Even when some good HRP activities have been undertaken, e.g. demographics studies on EX turnover or recruitment needs, there has not been sustained action to develop and implement strategies to address the identified issues. The scene is not entirely bleak, of course. Some organizations do HRP as a matter of course – Statistics Canada and Environment Canada are good examples; others are beginning to make in-roads. More recently, the attention from the Clerk of the Privy Council and the efforts by the HRP Working Group, established jointly by the HR Council and the DM Sub-Committee on Staffing and Staffing Recourse, are beginning to show some results. Finally, the continuing message that HRP is a foundation for the new staffing regime, is beginning to catch peoples’ attention and there is increasing interest in learning more about HRP and having tools and models to assist in its implementation. Quality HR planning across the Public Service will not occur overnight. It will take several years of concerted effort, rebuilding capacity, trial and error, etc. before we have...

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