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The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is a book set in puritan times but written by a romantic author. These two contrasting styles are evident throughout the book and lead to a delicate intertwining of characters, ideals, and emotions. The novel revolves around a young woman named Hester Prynne who, after being abandoned by her husband, commits adultery, which is strictly forbidden in the puritan community, as it is one of God's commandments. For her sin, Hester is condemned to wear a scarlet A on her bosom for the rest of her life, thus forever separating her from the puritan community. Throughout The Scarlet Letter Hawthorne develops Hester Prynne as a strong, compassionate woman ...view middle of the document...

This pureness also indicates Hawthorne's belief that although Hester is a sinner at heart, she is pure and will be forgiven for her passionate sin. This belief is concurrent with those of the romantic era in which Hawthorne was writing. Because of her strength the scarlet letter that was meant to humiliate her, only makes her stronger as her vigor is constantly renewed by her undying love.Hester, while capable of being strong, is also the first to show tenderness and compassion be it towards Dimmesdale, Pearl, or even the most spiteful of the townspeople. Hester's love and hope is most blatant through her willingness to accept the punishment for both herself and Dimmesdale, in hope that one day in whatever lifetime, they will be jointly forgiven. As he is dying, she asks him if it is possible that they will be together in their "immortal lives" (251). This question has a double meaning in that literally she wants to be with him, yet she is also trying to find out if all her loving and dreaming was in vain and, if not, should she continue to hope and be strong. Hester's compassion is also exemplified in her everyday actions as she is "so kind,"¦ helpful,"¦ [and] comforting" and donates all her spare time and resources to helping the less fortunate, but more critical people (159). It was this desire to serve the community above herself that (according to the narrator) changes the meaning of the scarlet A from adulterer to "able" (158). In taking care of Pearl, the child of her sin, Hester is constantly reminded of it and this further motivates her to serve those around her.Hester is a woman who acknowledges her sin and therefore, doesn't try to hide it from the community. This becomes apparent almost immediately in her elaborate and detailed embroidery of the symbolic A...

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