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Hey Hey Hey Essay

1036 words - 5 pages

Marvell Conner III
English Composition
Professor Lahmon
January 19, 2015

Words of Wisdom

It was a typical dulI Monday as I walked into class that day, I grabbed a seat next to the class clown and waited for him to begin his daily routine of joking. The class was pretty much boring, until he began to joke,but he did not begin to joke until the substitute would come around to check to see if we were doing our work. As she roamed around the room to make sure we were on task in doing the work, she would ask questions from the work unexpectedly, hoping she wouldn't call on me. “Marvell, What forms clastic sedimentary rocks and how are they named?” I looked around the classroom ...view middle of the document...

With my fathers side of things i wanted to keep the children success going because the first four of my fathers children had gone to college already or were enrolled and attending at the time. When the the sub told us that everyone is failing, I not only payed attention to what she said, i took action and found out what i could do to up my grade. Failing made me realize that i was being a follower and that I needed to follow my own path and become a better student and lead others to do their own work.

I had begun to sit by myself and ask the teacher for all of the work that we were to have done. I could feel myself becoming a better student because I could see myself taking action and leading myself to success and not to failure. As time progressed, the sub had came to me and said “you're improving and you are becoming a leader to the class”. I thought to myself that this is where i want to be and should keep it this way because failure is not a good idea. Soon, some of my fellow classmates began to come and sit with me and wanted to do their work with me. Of course I accepted to work together, but everyone had to contribute in some way.

Even though I don't like reading or writing they both have played a huge roll in me being a student. They've gotten my vocabulary better, they've allowed me to learn new things about the world, and they have made life that much easier. Being able to read and write has lead to many successes such as; helping me to write a college essay and get accepted by a couple of colleges so far, it helped me pass the interpersonal communications and it also helped me OGT's on the first...

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