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Hide And Seek Essay

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When I was a kid, my parents would sometimes bring me down to my aunt and uncles house in Arizona for the weekend. I would mostly spend time playing with my cousins, Ray and Blake, who were around the same age as me. They lived in a small farm house with a large amount of open space. We would run around and basically do whatever we wanted.
If we thought we could get away with it, the three of us would sometimes cross over to the neighboring house which was about a half mile away. It had been abandoned for decades, with lots of scattered belongings of the people who last lived there. It was just begging to be explored, and was a goldmine for three adventurous young boys such as ourselves, ...view middle of the document...

My head then dropped.
I awoke with a deafening banging noise, echoing in the house. Drowsy, and confused, I forgot for a minute where I was or what I had been doing. As it slowly came back to me, the realization that it was now night and that I had been abandoned here, dawned on me. I tried to get up, but I was grounded from a shooting pain in my legs. I squirmed around, waiting for it to pass until I heard a door slamming shut downstairs. I froze instantly. One of my cousins? There was a small period of silence. Then footsteps at the bottom of the stairs. But, not just footsteps, a thud too. After every step.
These weren't footsteps of a child. They were slow, heavy and dramatic. I held my breath, praying they would go away. They did not. The noise continued.
The sounds made it to the top of the staircase. After a brief moment of silence, they reached the bedroom doorway. By this time, there was a steady scraping sound. Just like someone was dragging something metal on the ground. I heard it wander through the small room I was hiding in aimlessly. At that very moment, I thought I could smell a foul odor, as if a rat had just got run over on the road. My worst fears were discovered when I heard the man stop in front of the closet door. I couldn’t see anything at all. I held my breath until I heard him walk away, still with the sound of something heavy scraping on the...

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