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Children define the word "hiding" for us as a game, such as hide and go seek or peek- a -boo, where children just play a game to hide away from the world and pass the time. That is all people, or shall I say adults think about hiding they don't go too much into details. To me hinging means so many different things in life, I can't really begin to describe. One way of describing it is mysterious; it fascinates me because I love mysterious things. It's like a scary story being told to you and you are so anxious to get to the end, then the ending finally comes out from hiding and you are like was that it aw, it was ok.Hiding is the opposite of showing in the sense that showing you want people ...view middle of the document...

I really can't say if that way of thinking is normal but I know that it just simply comes natural to me, and that's all I really care about because that is the way I deal with death.I love to hide deep dark secrets of things I experienced to myself. Like for example, if a teenager goes out with his/her friends and has a drink or two that is something cool that they can keep a secret like a fun exciting secret that they share only with their friends. It is a great part of growing up. Why would you want to share your deepest darkest secrets, right? They are fun to think about all on your own.To me hiding is simply a metaphor of life. Hiding is like wearing a mask, because you can't see what is really behind the true meaning or felling. When I am sad, I put on a happy face and I hide behind a smile that really does not exist - it's hiding away from family, friends, and all loved one's. Hiding means so much to me because I grew up half my life doing it, I felt that if someone that I truly cared about passed away I put on a happy face to act like nothing was wrong because I had to be strong for the rest of the family. Or when I was really excited about a new toy or possession my parents bought me that I had to act like, ah whatever it's just a toy, just so it wouldn't seem like I was "showing off."You never truly know anybody. Every person has a secret life, even if it's just their hidden fantasies, and if you ever get to see inside...

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