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High Fiber Diet Essay

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Week 2 Team B Assignment

Consider the following scenario:
•         After reading that a high-fiber diet is recommended to avoid the risks of some chronic diseases as well as to prevent constipation and to lower blood cholesterol, Anita decides that she needs more fiber in her diet. She reviews her food intake to determine how she can add fiber.
Anita knows that bran flakes are higher in fiber than corn flakes are, but she cannot think of any other changes. A few days after making the suggested changes, Anita complains that she is bloated and feels more constipated than she was before changing her diet.
o    Anita’s Original Diet
•         Breakfast: Orange juice, corn flakes, banana, skim milk
•         Lunch: Hamburger on white bun, potato chips, ...view middle of the document...

Anita's diet should be modified to consume more fiber but avoiding constipation by incorporating lactose free cow's milk or soy milk if she's suffering from bloating. Water flavored with lemon, lime or cucumber can reduce bloating as well. Anita should try incorporating Kaski Go Lean high fiber cereal, raisin bran or oatmeal; because she complained of constipation. Constipation is a gastro-intestinal symptom that occurs when bowel movements are less frequent; lack of fiber in your diet and inadequate water intake cause constipation. The key also is not to incorporate a high fiber diet to quickly doing so can also cause constipation.

Below are just a few ideas the team came up with for Anita's modification of her diet:

1. Anita breakfast should consist of Kaski Go Lean high fiber cereal, with skim milk and a banana.
Lunch should consist of ground turkey with fresh cut lettuce tomato pickles, skim milk, along with a fresh cup of cut fruit and a half of a cup with mix nuts.

Dinner Anita will have a small portion on grilled chicken breast with steamed mixed vegetables, brown rice and half a cup of fresh fruit along with a glass of skim milk.

2. Anita's Breakfast should consist of Raisin Bran Cereal, lactose free cow's milk or soy milk. Lunch can consist of lean ground beef on a whole wheat or whole grain bun; substituting water for the milk, spinach salad and fresh fruit. And for dinner baked chicken, brown rice, fresh sliced tomato and activia yogurt; drinking water with lemon.

3. Try drinking a few glasses of water throughout the day; I didn’t see that she has been doing so. If she feels that she needs the taste of milk, she should try switching to soy milk.

For lunch and dinner, use wheat bread on your hamburger and yogurt during lunch; and for dinner eat brown rice instead of white rice with a glass of wine.

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