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High Life Standards And Environment Essay

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Humankind is always tends to live comfortably. For this reason, a lot of things have been
invented in a long period of time from ancient times to today. Although this desire stream for
long time , there is not a difference with the ancient times and today. In ancient times people
invent something for satisfying the needs ; however , today inventors make new things especially
for comfort or for the decrease in time consumption . These new things especially in this era
improve people's life standards rapidly . However, these inventions make people unconscious
consumers and this unawareness harms nature. People think that it is not possible to ...view middle of the document...

direct sunlight also beneficial and gives more energy than the depletable ones. Seitz declare that
sunlight do not harm nature and this source will definitely be the head source because the direct
sunlight will enlighen the world even if the others finished.(2008,p.143). Second , industries' or
factories' wastes can be recovered by using filters or something. The Europe Union is aware of
the danger too and according to Seitz , the EU required all its members to be responsible for the
recovery of all its new autos since 2002.(2008,p.185).

Some claim that for transportation people must use their own cars to have high life
standard because high life standard is the most comfortable way to satisfy the needs. However,
this passion for comfort damages the environment badly. Today most of the cars use fossil fuels
and with the increase in car numbers in the world , release of the harmful gases increases. Those
gases harm nature and it also affect people. In addition , the excessive number of cars especially
in big cities cause noise pollution . Excessive car owning cause traffic jam and in a traffic jam the
engine noises and horn noises make people mad. However , the damages of the transportation can
be decreased by use of new inventions. First , hybrid cars can be used instead of classic cars .
This is because hybrid cars have a spesific engine and with this engine they can use their own
wastes to get energy. With in this way the hybrid cars emit gases less than other ones. According
to Garcia, hybrid vehicle emissions today are getting close to or even lower than the
recommended level set by the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency).(2008,para.5.2). Second ,
public transportation or car pooling can be an alternative for transportation. With these ways the
car number in traffic can...

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