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High Performance Work Systems Essay

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High Performance Work System

An attempt to create an environment that comprises of self managed teams, greater involvement and responsibility of employees, quality circles, new flexible technologies, innovative compensation and appraisal schemes, flatter organizational structures, increased employee training and development and continuous improvement is normally termed as a high performance work system (HPWS). However to be considered as an HPWS an organization must consider certain HR policies and approaches that will enhance its employee’s performance level. HPWS has been defined by Bohlander and Snell as “a specific combination of HR practices, work structures, and processes that ...view middle of the document...

* Management planning and measurement (e.g., improved systems to measure employee performance).
* Extensive training.
* More cooperative labour relations (e.g., a more consultative partnership style of labour relations with unions).
* Technology (e.g., better IT).
* Employment security.
* Reduced status distinctions and barriers, including dress, language and office arrangements.
High Performance Work System Examples
Pakistani Perspective:
HR and HPWS in Pakistan (Limitations):
In a country like Pakistan where it is somewhat difficult to find any systematic HR practices finding an organization which has gone beyond just introducing a dedicated HRM system and department and has also been able to implement HPWS is quite a difficult task. In Pakistan most of the local organizations do not have a separate human resource department which works for improving organization human resource capabilities and this function normally rests with the top management. Even the companies that have an HR department have it with very limited resources and manpower. Thus these 2-5 member HR departments are mostly unable to work for enhancing the human capital of the organization and for considering the interventions related to high performance work system. On the other hand most of the multinational corporations and large organizations that are working in Pakistan have a reasonably noticeable human resource department in their organization. Their HR departments have been somewhat able to implement satisfactory human resource practices in their organizations. However as far as the introduction of high performance work systems in these organizations is concerned we can say this with quite surety that even these large MNC’s and local organizations have been somewhat unable to ensure the implementation of HPWS in its true spirit. Presently these organizations have somehow been unable and a bit unwilling in fully empowering their employees or in introducing efficient compensation and appraisal plans and in other key elements of HPWS as well. Recently in a survey conducted by Rozee.Pk; one of the largest online recruitment services website, Telenor Pakistan has been named as the number 1 employer in Pakistan. Though Telenor Pakistan has without any doubt one of the most efficient and effective HR system in place in Pakistan but by looking into the details of the HR practices that are being observed in this organization we can say that even Telenor Pakistan has not been able to fully empower its employees in organizational decision making and has also not been able to establish an effective grievances procedure. The fact that major decisions in Telenor Pakistan are still dictated by the top management some of which is not Pakistani national turns out to be an important constraint in ensuring HPWS in Telenor Pakistan. There are certain other issues in the organization’s recruitment and selection, and grievances procedures but yet considering...

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