High Risk Behaviors In Mexican And Polish Cultures

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High Risk Behaviors
Both the Mexican and Polish cultures participate in the high risk behaviors of consuming large qualities of alcohol followed by the use of the illegal substance of cannabis. Although these societies prefer similar substances the rationale behind their taking part in these high risk behaviors are very different. The Mexican culture tends to be very festive where the use of substances is typically encircled around social gatherings. In contrast, the abuse of alcohol is long standing in the Polish in order to address the many hardships in life. In Poland, a high rate of alcoholic psychosis, cirrhosis of the liver and acute alcohol poisoning exists (Purnell & Paulanka, ...view middle of the document...

In more traditional Mexican families, the father is not included in the delivery experience and should not see the mother or baby until after both have been cleaned and dressed (Purnell & Paulanka, 2008). The country of Poland has experienced a decline in fertility even though marriage and family are viewed as important. In 1990 the shape of Poland’s population pyramid was expected to remain relatively constant; it was composed of a relatively small base of young people, with a wider component of citizens over age sixty and a bulge in the cohort born during the postwar upswing (Poland, 1992). Nowadays it is one of the lowest-low fertility countries with the average number of children 1.27 (Rozanska, 2005). In addition, pregnant women form this country may require supplementary education during pregnancy especially as it relates to restricting weight gain and in follow-up post postpartum for assistance with lactation.
Within the Mexican and Polish cultures the unity of family is very important, in most instances the children will remain within the household as a contributor well into adulthood. The father is viewed as the head of the household, while the mother is responsible for maintaining the home and caring the children. Due to the strong catholic influence, large families are not uncommon in Mexico, which can include grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins residing together as a family unit, they are all considered unified and will remain very connected. The country’s divorce rate is among the lowest in the world (0.33 per 1000 population compared to 4.95 in the United States (Mexininsider, 2008). Even though the catholic religion is predominant in Poland, most families consist of one or two children. Generations of relatives will many times be included into a family, all are expected to work and contribute to the overall reputation of the household. The appearance of the Mexican people can vary depending on their heritage; many have either a Spanish or Indian influence which contributes to dark hair and dark eyes. Many diseases experienced by this population can be due to economic status, unsanitary conditions and geographical location. In addition, Mexicans experience cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Poles tend to be of medium structure with fair colored hair, skin and eyes. Many of the diseases experienced by those living in Poland are directly due to environmental...

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