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High School Essay

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School was normal at ShinDong High. This school is filled with the varieties of many different kinds of people, here are the the so called people:

Queenkas and Kingkas

It was currently lunch. The halls were now filled with the many students as they rushed over to the cafeteria. Their favorite period was lunch. This is because lunch is filled with entertainment, day by day, week by week, month by month, and year my year. Entertainment is a tradition at lunch which was created by none other, than the past Queenkas and Kingkas.

Over at their table, there was a commotion that was rather loud. However, this commotion is nothing surprising since they had always ...view middle of the document...

She had the HUGEST crush on Seunghyun since she laid eyes on him. So when Seunghyun had asked her out, she more than happy to say so. "YES! I would love to be your girlfriend, Seung Hyun."

Let alone of the fact, nothing goes your way in life. They then headed out to the yard, to get to know more about each other. As she was walking out, she had a feeling that was entirely new to her. It was not a rather a warm feeling, but instead, a very mysterious feeling. She had just shrugged it off of her.

Her instincts had warned her, but she was already in too deep.

After her first date with Seunghyun, also known as the King, she had immediately gone home to call her best friend, Kwon Yuri. She had been one of the prettiest girls at the school, yet, she had chosen to be the best of friends with this nerd. She had always been there, but nothing was the way it seemed.


"YURI! I am dating Choi Seunghyun of my dreams, I swear, he is the nicest boyfriend ever. Want me to hook up one of his friends with you?" The nerd had spoken with such happiness, that she had missed the important sign, her 'friend' had sent towards her.

"Hmph. No thanks, I am fine staying single. I got to go now, good night!" Yuri had then hung up.

Her 'best friend' had smirked at the nerd and had hung up as soon as possible, but she was too stupid and oblivious to the fact, her friend is nothing the way she sees her.

Days had passed, and everyday stares of anger, envy, and digust were shot at her.

Not to mention, her 'best friend' had been avoiding her, and have not answered her when the nerd had called her during the nights.

One month later...

"Seung Hyunnie!~ Our favorite dish is here! Yanggeng!" She had spoke with such happiness and skipped her way towards her 'boyfriend' while feeling rather oddly.

Seung Hyun turned around and was thinking. "Umm, hold on....dear. Give me a couple minutes."

When he had spoken the word 'dear', rather than her name, she had felt rather odd and depressed because of that. She had just thought her mind was just going through a stage because of school.

Three seconds later...

"I am so, truly sorry for ending it this way, well actually not so much." When he had spoken the word 'end', her heart just crumbled into a million pieces, she had finally realized the fact, her instincts were always right. Also, to make matters worse, he had announced the fact he had never cared for her.

"It was just a game for money, little girl. You were played. Oh, and by the way, you might want to change your tastes, because that favorite dish of yours, is rather salty and not to mention fat. Fatness doesn't really help you lose weight, which you need. Ha." He left with a proud smirk.

Soon his friends were piling up from behind the bushes and left with him. She hadn't really noticed them there, let alone the fact they knew it all along. When she was about to run home, she had heard of voice that made...

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