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High School Life Versus College Life

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|High School is mandatory and free (unless you choose other |College is voluntary and expensive. |
|options). | |
|Your time is usually structured by others (parents and/or |You manage your own time. ...view middle of the document...

|Guiding Principle: You will usually be told what your |Guiding Principle: You are now responsible for what you do and |
|responsibilities are and corrected if your behavior is out of |what you don't do, as well as for the consequences of your |
|line. |decisions. |

|Every day you proceed from one class directly to another. |You often have hours between classes; class times vary throughout|
| |the day and evening. |
|You spend 6 hours a day-30 hours per week-in class. |You spend 12 to 16 hours each week in class. |
|The school year is 26 weeks long; some classes extend over both |The academic year is divided into two separate 14-week semesters,|
|semesters and some do not. |plus a week after each semester for exams. |
|Most of your classes are arranged for you. |You arrange your own schedule in consultation with your academic |
| |adviser.  Schedules may seem lighter than they are. |
|Teachers carefully monitor attendance. |Some professors may not formally take attendance (most will), but|
| |they are still likely to know whether or not you attend. |
|Classes generally have no more than 35. |Some classes may have 75-100 students. |
|You are provided with textbooks at little or no expense. |You must budget substancial money for textbooks that usually will|
| |cost more than $200 per semester. |
|You are not responsible for knowing what it takes to graduate. |Graduation requirements are complex and differ by major.  Get and|
| |keep a copy of the Undergraduate Buttetin in effect when you |
| |matriculate (become a fully accepted student).  It spells out the|
| |requirements that apply to you. |

|Teachers check your completed homework. |Professors may not always check completed homework or even |
| ...

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