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High school to the Pros

In my opinion the age limit should change. My reason for this is because life is more important than the short cut. Back then it was important to go to college and get a degree and make a name for yourself in college. Around the league things have changed the want of going to college has altered the mind of young ones. Players are now taken it to the next level and going straight to the NBA. The age limit is too short. It needs to be changed. The age that some students are at they don’t know what they are getting into.
I am against the age limit for the draft. Since 1995 over 20 players have been drafted to ...view middle of the document...

As you are coming into the NBA you are forced to get an agent. Now these day’s players are represented very well. But as a Pro you can be taken advantage of. That’s why you see disputes between players and agents.
Also there is the issue about women. I mostly thought of this because a lot of players are caught up in sexually related incidents that involve women. To me as a rookie you don’t know who is really there for you or just there to get your money. Along with that comes the press which blows things out of proportion. And if you really think that’s and issue try having problems with the other players cause they think you’re a ball hog or just their for fame.
Last but not least there is EDUCATION which is fundamental to how you are in life. Yeah just being in the NBA has the fame and fortune but along with that comes knowledge. Speech plays a huge part. For instance if you are talking to a person you want to know how to use a variety of words, not the same words you used when you was young. You must know English, reading, and math in order to succeed.
In conclusion with this you will see how hard the things you face when the age limit is so young. The age limit should be raised to like 21. The reason for that is so that you can get a better education and apply to something else besides the entertainment world. The use of the age limit change is to prevent these things from happening. Hopefully with this report I will get people to notice how serious this is.

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