Higher Education And Society Essay

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Higher Education and Society

Attending public schools as a child, I remember learning the basic skills on how to add and subtract, read, and write. These basic skills are necessary in order to function in our society and work force in the United States. As we all know each child learns differently, some learn faster than others and some slower than others. Our public schools have become overcrowded and we do not have enough teachers to fit the needs of each student. Some students get left behind and are not learning the skills needed to move on to the next level. What these students are not learning they can learn in higher education such as a college or university. In this report, I ...view middle of the document...

An educated society also avoids social problems such as poverty, gangs, drugs and health related sickness. Most of all, having an educated society helps our country’s economy. For example, a citizen that acquires a college degree earns respect and can get a good job that pays well. If these citizens do not have proper educations they might have to work in a job they are not happy with and get low salaries. In our society education matters, the higher educated a person is the higher their income.

John Henry Newman believes that an educated person is a happy person. Mr. Newman believed education is that of training good members of society. "Its art in the art of social life, and its end in fitness for the world" (Newman 48). By educating our society as Newman stated, we could bring about an open minded citizens that work in their community and this helps put a stop on individualism. For example, there is a lot of gang related activities in the City of Los Angeles. I believe one of the problems is that our young people do not have anything to do. So the only choice they have is to turn to the streets. There they are able to get drugs and learn the way of the streets. This means they can only get themselves into trouble. There are so many after school programs kids and young people can participate in, such as girl scouts and boy scouts which have positive affects on young people. However, there are no volunteers to give up a little time to help others. This is why I believe we have social problems such as drugs and gangs in our cities.

Our society needs to become culturally sensitive. In the recent years the population in the United States has increased in the numbers of immigrants coming from all over the world. These immigrants must learn English in order to work and participate in our society. Their children attend public schools in order to learn the language and the skills they need. As I stated before each students learns in different ways. Some of these students need one on one attention that will be sensitive to their needs. These students also need to keep in touch with there own culture because it identifies who they are. They also need to learn about there new home and the history and culture the Untied States. For example, I myself am a child of immigrants. Growing up was confusing in regards to learning abouttwo cultures with most of the focus on becoming an American.

I was lucky I was able to learn the basic skills I needed to make it into college. When I reached college, my academic life began to change. In college I learned to write an essay, and open my mind to new ideas. It was not until I attended university that I learned about a class called Chicano Studies. In this class I learned about Mexican American History for the first time. I remembered feeling angry because our public school system never gave us a lesson on Latino History. I felt lied too and betrayed because the schools kept me in the dark. I felt that...

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